Friday, January 4, 2013

Optic Lusion - Pink Pixie


I'm super excited to share today's polish! I got this from one of my Secret Santa's, I still don't want to say who they're from yet since I'm not sure if all the ladies have gotten theirs since it's international. BUT I can't help but keep showing off the beauties this girl sent me! THANK YOU SO MUCH, SECRET SANTA! <3

Optic Lusion polishes are rare, rare, rare. And they're freaking AMAZING. Here's swatches of Crimson King HERE and Swing Time HERE. (and I now NEED these polishes or I might die LOL.) Pink Pixie - that SIMMER. I MEAN THAT SHIMMMMMMER! I almost have no words! The richness of this polish and that in-your-face shimmer. I mean, GAH! No words. Just so freaking awesome. This is two coats.

Anyone else have an Optic Lusions?

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