Monday, January 14, 2013

Pretty Serious Cosmetics - Santa's Sunburn AKA MY NEW FAVORITE POLISH EVER!

I almost don't know how to give this polish the introduction it deserves.

I own more polish than I can count. (really. I don't know how many I have! I started a spread sheet but never finished it!) I have many polishes that make my heart flutter, and for the longest time my all-time favorite polish was RBL Bikini Bottom. Everything I though I knew changed when I got this bad boy in the mail from Pretty Serious Cosmetics. My mind was blown in ways I didn't know were possible. I love red polish SO SO SO SO much! I used to despise it, but the more I got into polish the more I realized the sexiness of a great red. Santa's sunburn is everything I ever wanted a red polish to be. My photos don't do the brightness of this polish justice, it just blows you away! Add the sparkling shimmer?! When I got this on my nails I ran all over my apartment to see it in different lights giggling like a little school girl. This is a one-coater too! ONE-COATER! Formula was smooth as butter. Wore like iron. Yep, my favorite polish ever, people. And that's a crazy claim to make. <3

What's your favorite polish?!

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