Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Cremes

Happy Saturday!

I hope you all have a great weekend planned! I work a short shift then we're headed over to our friends house. I've been really stressed out from work and been suffering from horrible headaches, so tomorrow I'll be taking it easy for SURE. 

Today I have two vintage Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Cremes to share. Since I started collecting polish, my vintage SH stash has GROWN! What can I say? I'm a sucker for the matching handles. I've said it before and I'll say it again, BRING THEM BACK, SALLY!

First up today I have Racy Creme, a deep vampy brown creme. I've really been into shades like these lately. This is two coats.

Next up I have Trendy Creme to share. I LOOOOOVE this color! It dances on the fine line of beautiful and ugly just a little bit. I love the dustiness to the green. This is two coats as well. 

Have a great weekend!

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