Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ulta3 Glitters - Part 1

Why hello there!

I've got something really awesome and special to share with you this weekend - Ulta3 glitters that I just got all the way from Australia from my lovely and generous pal Lauren! I knew I wanted them from the moment they started popping up on blogs and I'm so grateful I can now call them mine! THANKS AGAIN MY LOVE! *hugs polishes to my chest* I decided to break them up into two posts, today I have the first three to share.

First up I have Pot Of Gold. This is one of my favorites of the bunch! All of these glitters are clear-based and are a little on the stinky side. There's various sizes of gold glitter in the mix, and some of them have a nice, slight holo finish to them. This was one of the ones that applied the best after one coat. This is two coats over Hard Candy Normal. SO PRETTY. 

Next up I have Disco Fever, a red multi sized glitter. I love red glitters so much. I think my obsession and love for all things Christmas just brings it out in me. This is two coats over Calvin Klein Tutu.

Last but not least for today I have New Years Eve. MAN I wish I had had this one to wear a few nights ago LOL! Another one of my faves, I love the lightness yet brightness of this blue multi sized glitter and I love it over silver! This is two coats over Illamasqua Glory.

Wait until day two tomorrow! :D

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