Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Miki polishes.

Hey there!

Today I have a new brand to me, Miki. The ever-so-amazing Lani sent me these two polishes and an eye shadow from New Zealand. I had never heard of this brand until she sent me these. Click HERE for a link to their website - it is the CUTEST site EVER! I want every single fruit shaped lip-gloss! 

First up I have #6 to share, an amazing teal/blue shimmer polish. I LOVE this color! It had such a shimmering depth to it. Miki's bottles are small, but the brush is really nice and their colors really pack a punch! This is two coats. Very smooth formula.

Next up I have #16. I didn't fall in love with this one as much as I did with #6, but it's still really cool. A deeper medium purple, #16 has sparse flakies mixed in there as well. The formula on this one was much more sheer, this is three coats.

What do ya think?

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