Friday, January 25, 2013

Maybelline Express Finish - Fuchsia Fling


Sorry this post is really late! It's snowing here in Virginia Beach AKA pandemonium has taken over and people don't know what to do! Myself being from Cleveland, this ain't nothin'! I'm snuggling up for the night with my DVR and finally taking some time to swatch for the first time in weeks!

Today I have another Maybelline vintage gold cap polish to share - Fuchsia Fling. It's just so freaking awesome! The base is a sheer fuchsia base LOADED with shards of fuchsia and a very minute amount of silver glitter. It's so stunning! It actually wore REALLY REALLY well! I wore it four days with minimal chipping/tip wear. This is three coats.

Everyone be safe out in the snow!

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