Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stash Shots! Hard Candy

 Hello there!

So, I've been wanting to try something new here on Polished Claws Up! for a while now, STASH SHOTS! I feel that although I don't have the most amazing vintage stashes out there, (*cough cough* Jacqui and Kaz!) I definitely have some amazing gems I'd love to start sharing one Helmer drawer at a time! I love swatching, but life's been getting in the way and I've hit somewhat of a creative funk. It happens to us all. Rather then not posting, I thought this was a great route to go! For my first stash post I thought I'd start with Hard Candy! OMG I just love HC so much! I don't have as many as I'd want, but the ones I do have I LOVE! Enjoy! <3

Peep Show, Pulp, Static

Pixie, Taxi Cab, Girlie
Trailer Trash (2008 re-release), Luscious, Pussy Cat 

Tantrum, Frigid (both 2008 re-release), Frigid (original release)
Love Child, Fuzz, Angel

Hick, Galaxy, Cloud, Cosmic 

Love (mini), Weenie (decant), Chronic (decant), Glitch (decant)

Break Up, Beetle, Hot Pants

unnamed blue glitter (mini), Mischief, Sugar Daddy, Mr. Right

unnamed green glitter (mini), Sky, Fishnet, unnamed red (mini)
I hope you've all enjoyed my first stash post!

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  1. any chance you want to sell your hard candy?