Friday, January 13, 2012

Old and New: Vintage Cutex Shine On polish in Cashmere & W7 Nail Polish in Metallic Saturn


Only two days left in good old Ohio... sure going to miss this place! Time sure does fly when you're on vacation and visiting the ones you love. Goes way too fast! I can't believe the amount of polish I've accumulated so far and I still haven't gone to my meet-up yet. :P Today I have a vintage polish that certainly isn't beautiful/unique in a stand-out way - but I found it at the thrift store and it's the oldest Cutex bottle I've ever seen. For 45 cents, adding a gallon of thinner is a piece of cake. Here is Cashmere.

Cashmere is an orange-toned nude polish. As I mentioned, I had to add SO MUCH Seche Restore to get it to be wearable. I'm SUCH A sucker for vintage polishes, I'd go as far as to say I've grown obsessed. I may not love this color, but the bottle as old as it is drew me in and has me hunting for more! This is two coats.

<3 it's vintage look!

Next up I have yet ANOTHER new brand I got to try during my swap with the lovely Esther. I had seen W7 polishes and their amazing colors on fellow nail blogs, and was so excited when she had chosen Metallic Saturn for me. Thanks again, girl! My being a HUGE green polish nut, I almost fell over when I unwrapped this bad boy. GREEN?!? METALLIC?!? DUOCHROME?!?! AGHH!!!!!

These kind of gold-toned green metallic polishes are among my FAVORITES!!!!! JUST LOOK AT IT!!! It just freaking glows, girls! I wish I had enough of Metallic Saturn to swim in. Seriously. Well not really. Kinda weird if you think about it, really. I can't tell you enough how amazing this polish is. It's stunning in pictures, but in person - watch out. This is two coats.  

I could just die.