Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Essence - The Twilight Saga Eclipse Collection - Ready To Be Bitten

Hi girls!

Something awful has happened. My nails were at a PERFECT length for me. Long enough to swatch, short enough to type at work. THEN the most horrible thing happened. My hand slipped while opening my car door and I broke the nail on my middle finger. Since I just CAN'T being myself to nub them all down, I'm just going to grow that sucker back out and leave the rest be. So, for the next while I'm going to be showcasing pretty neutral colors as to not bring attention to it's sudden shortness. Here is Ready To Be Bitten from Essence's Eclipse collection. 

As a huge Essence fan AND Twilight fan, I made it a goal to get my claws on this whole collection. So far, I only have this one that I got from a blog sale. LOL, I'm still on the hunt! These things take time... Anyhoo, Ready To Be Bitten is as pretty as neutral polishes come. It starts off with a milky off-white sheer base and is packed with gold and a hunt of light pink shimmer. It really has a great glow to it! This is three coats. I'm thinking this bad boy would be great for layering. *starts pondering*



  1. really pretty:] reminds me of china glaze white cap!

  2. I need to get my paws on these too!

  3. Pretty color! And I'm sorry to hear about your nail break, I hate car doors! I started wearing thick (isotoner) gloves EVERY TIME I go outside and to open my car door, it's cut down a lot on my nail breaking incidents.

  4. Rie, I'm going to have to try those! And yes, Sarah you're right! It does look like CG White Cap!