Friday, January 6, 2012

Nerd Lacquer - Outed By A Probot & Holoday Sugar Plum

Friday?? Is it really you?? THANK GOODNESS!

This means that today is my last day of work and I'm on vacation for over a week! I get to go home and visit with my friends and family and clear my head. *deep sigh* I need it. Things have been rough to say the least as of late. Ah well, onto the polish!
 Today I have the first series of polishes that my wonderful friend Rie sent me for Christmas. I knew Rie growing up through mutual friends in Ohio and after seeing her at a mutual friends wedding in May, let's just say she created my polish obsession for me. :D NERD LACQUER POLISHES?!?!! Did I mention how awesome you are, girl? <3 Also, these wear like iron on me. 

First up we have Outed By a Robot

One day I really must find another bottle of the winter wonder. Outed By a Probot starts off with what I consider a milky ice blue base. Very sheer - meant to me worn that way. In my opinion. Next, add silver shimmer. Than add silver and if I'm correct three different colors of blue micro-glitter. The icing on the cake? LARGE HEX GLITTER! Only one of my FAVORITE things in the world!!!! This is three coats. and like I said before, wore like iron on me. After three days, no chips and almost no tip-wear. 


Next up we have Holoday Sugar Plum

Holoday Sugar Plum is lovely! A very sheer bright lavender base loaded with purple and silver holo glitter. I am a lot. :) This is three coats although next time I'd love to layer this bad boy. Application and formula were perfection. I cannot wait to get my hands on more Nerd Lacquer in the future! Ps - UGH! I hate how awkward my hands look with mini bottles LOL!

Could you just DIE?!?!
Essie Al In One Base/ Revlon Quick Dry topcoat


  1. What a great gift!! I love them both, so gorgeous!!! Oh boy, Dana, you're adding to my wish list. Aaaah!!!

    Enjoy your vacation, I know how much you need the break.

  2. these are crazy amazing!! i love outed by a robot the most though. i can't wait to place an order!

  3. I love Nerd Lacquers-- I am so jealous you got your hands on some! These look great!

  4. I have a couple of NERDLACQUER polishes & I love them both. Outed by a Probot is gorgeous!

  5. Their polishes are amazing and the quality is perfection!