Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OId and New: Nail Fetish in black creme & Revlon Devil's Lure

Back to work today. *sigh* Vacations go by way too fast.

Today in my Old and New post,  I continue my search for the ultimate black polish. I pulled out one of the many Nail Fetish polishes I found at the Dollar Tree last month. I do like the formula, but my search continues. Onward!

This black creme is your pretty standard, run of the mill black creme. A little streaky and a few bald spots. Ah well. I thin it'll be great for layering. This was two coats.

Next up I have Devil's Lure from Revlon's fall 2011 Masquerade Ball collection. This lovely has sat in my untrieds for ever and now I really just don't know why at all! I am in freakin LOVE, man! It's a juicy, vampy, deep red jelly polish with ever so slight silver glitter. It's very sparse and hard to see but it's amazing when you catch flashes of it. This is two coats. 

See it? :D

Thanks for looking! :)


  1. I really love Devils lure, looks great on you :)

  2. i really like devil's lure, kicking myself for not picking it up before! the glitter is great:]

  3. Devil's Lure is such a gorgeous vampy color!!

  4. So pretty ! I love deep dark vampy colors!

  5. Devil's Lure is vampy at its best!