Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hare polish - Pegasus

It's Sunday! 

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. Woke up insanely late for work and was too lazy to type it up the night before - it was Jeff's birthday. Ended up playing Wii bowling instead. :P Anyhoo - today I have a polish from a highly lemmed after collection for me - Hare polish! I swear - every time I ever see them I surge with a rage of jealousy, because I ALWAYS miss out and they're all gone by the time I get to the Etsy shop. This, ladies, is why I love blog sales so much. Although I want - scratch that, need - every Hare polish, I can start with one for now. Here is Pegasus!

Pegasus is right up my alley! Then again, so are all the other Hare polishes from what I've seen! It starts off with a milky "Easter" lavender base. I tend to RARELY gravitate to pastels - so what I do - all I can think is "Easter". Next? One of my favorite things in the world to add to faint micro glitter - TWO DIFFERENT SIZES OF HEX GLITTER! I swear. I makes any polish amazing. Ahh! Looking at these swatches I am giddy about it all over again! I must note though - this polish can be tricky to apply. The formula was a little thick and I had to let it really dry in between coats as to not move the hex glitter. Two coats. Love.

Have a great day! <3Dana


  1. gorgeous!! i love this one. her polishes are amazing:]

  2. They really are truly amazing! I can't wait to TRY and get more! I always seem to miss them!