Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vintage Hard Candy - Peep Show

Hey there, polish lovers!

As if you couldn't tell, Dana <3's vintage polish. . I mean I fall head over heels for them. It's become an amazing addiction. :P Lately I've been really into stalking eBay for vintage Urban Debays, Street Wears, & Hard Candy polishes. Through the evolution of Hard Candy, they went from the "skinny" rectangular bottles, first with white plastic lids, then with silver lids. Then they changed the shape entirely - a longer, flattened square shape. This baby I have to show you is Peep Show, my very first square Hand Candy!

As you all might have noticed, I am not a huge pink polish person. At times, I love pink. At times. It really has to tinkle my fancy in the right way. (hehe :p) These types of pinks - the IN YOUR FACE bright pinks with glowing, shimmery undertones? I die for them, ladies! I love the bottle shape, I love the rhinestone in the middle of the jelly ring, and I really did enjoy the formula. I wish I had swatched in daylight - the pink goes crazy with color! This is two coats.  

Ah yea, that's right!

See ya tomorrow! -Dana


  1. I'm the same with pinks, gotta be the right shade and me in the right mood. This one's cute as :)

  2. Well I'm a huge pink fan, so I looove this!!! It's so pretty!

  3. Bright pinks are the best pinks!