Monday, January 30, 2012

Nicole by OPI - Kim-Pletely In Love

Hey dolls! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I was off work and did nothing but relax! I was well needed and much deserved! I know I'm late posting polishes from Nicole By OPI's Kardashian collection, but we just now got them at my work - CVS - so I was finally able to buy them with my employee discount! *jumps up and down* I know I'm not much of a pink person, but one of the colors I wanted the most was Kim-Pletely In Love. What can I say? The shimmer was calling to me! :)

This romantic polish starts off with a sheer light pink polish, it has a wonderful milky finish to it. Next up, there's an AMAZING hidden shimmer within, what I would say is a iridescent blue/white shimmer. It's really hard to say, when I was wearing this the shimmer flashed different colors in different light. This is three coats. 

Romantic shimmer!

Have a great Monday! <3Dana


  1. Very very pretty! i also have this color...and just used it in my latest post as a base for a french mani b/c one coat is perfectly sheer with just a touch of that gorgeous blue iridescent shimmer. looks fabulous! :)

  2. I love how soft and pretty this polish is. It's dreamy!

  3. I really love this shade. I might have to go snag it today. Maybe more than "might"!!

    Oh! I nominated you for an award!!

  4. Thanks girls!

    Nicole - I just placed my first Elixer order. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

  5. I hate the Kardashians, but man... I love this polish. Usually not a fan of pinks, but I love the shimmer and how soft and delicate this looks. Love!

  6. this color look so beautiful on you my love!! and did you know that Nicole by OPI posted your link on their FB wall!? i "like" their page and when i saw the thumbnail i said... "hey!! those look like my Dana's nails!" ahhaha im not sure if you knew already ;)

  7. Oh my gosh!! I want this so badly! I haven't seen it anywhere though :(.