Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers in Black with orange pumpkin glitter

They there!

This morning I have to show to you another great older Fantasy Maker:) This time it's an adorable mini polish! It has the newer Fantasy Makers logo, but I'm not sure how long ago this cutie came out. It's a chubby tiny bottle with a tiny ball lid. In true Fantasy Makers form, it's a great black creme.

Me being a big fan of Wet N Wild's black creme polish formula, I was instantly in love. What I wasn't in love with the stubby brush the came with this mini bottle. This could have easily been a one-coater, but I always been one to do two just in case. I still love with it though - I'm a sucker for mini things! :P

This great glitter is my FAVORITE of all the pumpkin glitters I bought. This was only ONE coat - ONE! It's a clear base with gorgeous chunky orange glitter. I was so happy that one coat applied this much glitter. I love it!

I bought my mini Fantasy Maker on Amazon and pumpkin glitter can be purchased at RiteAid for $1.99/bottle

Essie All in One base coat 


  1. That looks so pretty! I love the layering.

  2. Such a beautiful black. I agree with Minty. The layering looks great!

  3. that glitter polish is so cute! i wonder what it would look like layered over a more nude color! .. geeess now i need to go to Rite-Aid LOL thanks Dana! . hahaha

  4. Thanks ladies! I besides China Glaze's Liquid Leather, when it comes to black polish, I always end up comin back to Wet N Wild's good ol' Black! I LOVE this glitter so much! YES MARIA, YOU NEED IT NOW!

  5. OOh! I love this pumpkin glitter. There is no Rite Aid where I live though. :(.

  6. The pumpkin glitter is soo cute.