Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Passionate Purple

Can't you just smell the Halloween in the air? :p I can - maybe it has something to do with my ever-growing Fantasy Makers collection! hehe..I've been addicted lately! This older FM was sent to me by my wonderous friend Amanda for my birthday - yes, she IS the best! :)

Passionate purple is one of the older Fantasy Makers, not sure exactly what year. It looks much more opaque in the bottle, because MAN this puppy is SO sheer! This is five coats. FIVE! It looks like a grape popsicle or lollipop to me:) so I'm pleased with how it turned out, just don't know if I have to patience for five coats every time. :/ Layering perhaps?

In case you haven't noticed - I've become quite obsessed with collecting Fantasy Makers. THANKS AMANDA!

Essie All in One base coat


  1. That nail color looks so awesome! The five coats was worth it haha!

  2. I completely agree! ;p Next time I'm layering it though!