Thursday, October 6, 2011

OPI - Absolutely Alice

Greetings, lovlies!

Today I have a true pride and joy of my stash - OPI's Absolutely Alice! I had a crazy lemming for this polish and Mad as a Hatter, but, alas, my polish addiction hadn't kicked in yet when this collection was released. Every time I've seen either of the two on EBay or Amazon, the prices were just too steep for me. Then two weeks ago, I had a nail board meet up with four lovely ladies. Not only only did I make great friends, but we went dusty hunting and I found this amazing find hidden in the bottom of the case. My eyes just couldn't believe it! Here she is!

I really don't know where to start with this amazing glitter! First of all, this polish is a perfect, spot-on adaptation of Alice! When you think of Alice, either Disney or Tim Burton versions, blue dress and blond hair come to mind. This polish is that perfect "Alice" blue with blond glitter woven within. As my lovely friend Krista pointed out, it has a "fluffy" glitter feel to it - so true! This is three coats, I wanted to try it alone the first time wearing AA. 

Now all I need to match this beauty is my other intense lemming from the collection, Mad As A Hatter!


  1. You lucky devil! I'm still lemming AA, but this looks gorgeous on you!

  2. Oh my goodness! this looks fantastic on you! I was wearing it at the meet up! Thanks for the shout out darling!

  3. Rie - Oh I know how lucky I am! I need Mad As A Hatter now too!

    Krista - anytime, love!