Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wet N Wild Ice Baby Color Icon collection - Back Alley Deals & China Glaze Indian Ocean

 Good morning, my lovely followers!

I have had a rough week. My Twitter account got hacked, I can't access anything to changed my password or do anything with my account. Twitter support is awful. I think I may have to create a new account. WHICH means starting all over again. Big. Bummer. Really. Big. I'm very sad about it. :( Alas, polish life must go on! Today I have one of the four Wet N Wild Ice Baby Color Icon polishes that my lovely friend Rie sent me, Back Alley Deals. Rie, you're the best!

I only asked Rie to get me four of the eight glitters - and BOY I think I need  might need the remaining four! :p With fine vibrant purple glitter and hot larger fuchsia glitter pieces, I can't wait to swatch the rest of these beauties! I have to add though, that these are very thirsty glitters - I still haven't quite figured out the right glitter topcoat combo without it getting sucked in. Ah well!

And now the beauty behind the glitter! 
Indian Ocean was a beautiful older China Glaze polish that my amazing friend Jacqui sent me (along with lots of other fun polishes! THANKS, GIRL!) for my birthday. I have the biggest soft spot ever for older polishes and this baby was such a surprise! Indian Ocean is a stunner! It's a black-based jelly/creme polish with a duochrome feel to it of purple and blue. LOVE IT! This was two lovely coats.

Essie all in one base/ Seche Vite topcoat

Essie All in One Base/Seche Vite topcoat


  1. Love Indian Ocean! I haven't tried the Essie base yet - worth it?

  2. that WnW kinda reminds me of OPI DS Temptation... I want it but I haven't seen those around yet!

  3. I heard Poshe base with Poshe topcoat both over the glitter works- haven't gotten to try that yet, I use Gelous then Seche Vite now- works just fine!

  4. ScottishLass - Essie all in one just works great with my nails - I SWEAR by it!

    PolishAMOR - If I see any more of the Ice Baby glitters, I'm gettin the remaining 4!

    Elizedge - I need to try one of those combos!

    Lisa - Thanks love! W&W has been amazing lately!

  5. no wonder i havnt seen you tweet!! hope u resolve it asap! my timeline misses you :)