Sunday, October 2, 2011

China Glaze - Tempest

Well hey there!

I completely lucked out in the clearence section at Sally's Beauty Supply before I left Ohio and nabbed a bunch of China Glaze beauties for only $1.99 a pop! This lovely polish really caught my eye, it's an unexpected almost duochrome that really has a glow to it, named Tempest.

This polish was much watery than I've come to expect from China Glaze, so it took three thin coats to get this to the opacity I wanted. It was well worth the three, Tempest is a wonderful slight duochrome ranging from a vibrant purple to a nice blue.

Isn't she just a beauty? I love polishes that glow from within!

China Glaze polishes can be found at Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply, & other mass retailers.

Essie all in one base coat


  1. This looks great on you and definitely has that lit from within effect. :) Awesome that you nabbed it for a great price, too.

  2. Tempest is really cool, I need to nab it again before it goes away! It's great for layering too. So pretty, I can definitely see the blue!

  3. beautiful! I'm waiting for my bottle :D

  4. This polish will be amazing for layering!!! Everyone needs to run and grab this baby NOW!