Thursday, October 20, 2011

China Glaze - Channelesque


I'm so freakin' excited for today's post! Have you ever found a polish, you think it's pretty in the bottle, and than you paint that baby on and - WOW! I have fallen so in love with this polish it's not even funny! I got this baby from my amazing friend Jacqui at out Nail Board meetup earlier this fall. I'm so glad it's mine! It's the perfect combo of sophistication and funky. I bring to you China Glaze's Channelesque!

LOOK AT IT! JUST LOOK AT IT! Channelesque is what I describe as a mushroom-y lilac creme that reminds of of silly putty! It really had that putty look to it don't you think? This color is long discontinued & HTF and is not the now 3-free China Glaze formula. I love it so much I don't care. I'll take five back up bottles, please and thank you! This is two dreamy coats. :)))

I could just go and on and on about this gorgeous polish! I'm sure it can be bought on Amazon or Ebay - if you find it snatch it up!

Essie All in One base coat/ Seche Vite topcoat


  1. I know exactly how you feel, I had the same feeling with Channelesque's younger sister, Below Deck. Surprisingly addicting on the nail. :)

  2. I saw Below Deck at Ulta yesterday RIGHT after I read your comment - it must be mine! :p