Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cover Girl NailSlicks - Midnight Rose

Good morning, lacquerheads!

If you ladies love Cover Girl's Mystic Peacock, you're in for a BIG treat! I came across this amazing find while checking out my new thrifting stomping grounds - for only 99 cents along with some old Wet N Wild glitters. Gotta love cheap surprises! Without further ado, I bring you Midnight Rose!

One MAN is this a vampy stunner of a polish or WHAT? Midnight Rose is a deep, dark plum leaning on the brown tone with ultra-fine silver shimmer. It's amazing. I couldn't stop staring when I was wearing it and was so sad to take it off when it was time to swatch my next polish! :*( I wish I had a back up bottle, I'm going to have to go Amazon hunting! Like Mystic Peacock's formula, the first coat was a little runny but the second coat evened it was PERFECT! 

I must get my hands on other deep, dark, shimmery CG Nailslicks! I have my eyes on Midnight Forest, Go Green, Plum Fairy, & Smokey Topaz :P

Essie all in One base coat/ Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat


  1. Beautiful!! i have Plum Fairy & it looks really similar to this one! at least i hope it does because im diggin this color!

  2. OMG I knooooow! I want Plum Fairy soooo bad! I love this color too,Maria! So pretty!

  3. WOW. This is vampy heaven, and I NEED IT. :D

  4. I know, riiiiiight? Rie, if I ever see the bottle I'm grabbin a back-up for me and a bottle for you ;p