Sunday, October 23, 2011

OPI Muppets Holiday Collection - Pepe's Purple Passion

What up!

Today I have my second polish to share from the OPI Muppets Holiday Collection - Pepe's Purple Passion. This plum beauty was another polish included in my swap with lovely Maria from Nails Made Simple. I pretty much have a lemming for all the polishes in this collection with the exception of a few, so expect to see more! 

I've heard some major mixed reviews with this polish, but I gotta tell you, I luuuuuurve it! The best way I can describe Pepe's Purple Passion in a plum,raisin,  or reddish-purple with a mixture of purple and pink irregular shaped shimmer. I'm a sucker for purple, and a sucker for dark polishes so I was very pleased! I also picture this being a great pedicure polish too! :) I do think it was a tad on the thick side, so the next time I think I'll add in a few drops of thinner. I might be one of the few out there who really love this polish! <3 This was two coats.

Essie all in one base coat/ Seche Vite topcoat


  1. i do totally love, but i do think the application is not what you expect from OPI. Maybe they've spoilt us with the way all the others glide on! Not enough to put me off keeping this as a favourite, but enough to make me apply it verrrrry carefully next time :) xxx

  2. I'm not such a great fan of darker colours, but if I was I'd pick this one!

  3. Yeah, I officially need this color ::runs to add to 'list of needs' on blog:: lol