Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers in Black Magic and pumpkin moon glitter

Happy Sunday, ladies!

Keeping the theme running by doing - yes, you guessed it! - another Wet N Wild Fantasy Maker and pumpkin glitter combo! What can I say - they're a match made in Halloween Heaven! Today I have one of this years Fantasy Makers, Black Magic and a holographic moon glitter pumpkin polish. :) Makes for a fun mani!

Black Magic is a black jelly polish with a mixture of gold, copper, and green(ish) shimmer. Look familiar? Black Magic is a toned-down version of Black Mail. Not that I'm complaining, I love Black Mail, just not very original. :/ Ah well! Application was good, two coats were needed. Oh, and I'm a sucker for the tombstone cap. :P

I won't lie to you - I have complaints and I have positives with this pumpkin polish. The good? It's so unique! I mean holo moon glitter? SOLD! Always fun adding a first to your stash! The bad? Application was a pain in my BUTT! It took so many tries getting the moon glitter out. Very aggravating. So much work for a great payoff. So I'll call it a toss up!

I bought my Fantasy Maker at Ulta for $1.99 and my pumpking glitter at RiteAid for $1.99

Essie All In One basecoat


  1. aww wow i love it! perfect for halloween!!!

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  2. thanks ladies! I love the pumpkins!