Thursday, June 28, 2012

Revlon - Psychedelic

Oh, hi! Fancy meeting you here!

Who wants to see an awesome Revlon glitter? YOU DOOO? O_O Good, I've gotcha covered! This bad boy was CP'd to me by the always mentioned, always amazing Kaz. These old Revlons are the bar glitter StreetWear polishes, same name and number, just in the original Revlon bottle! FREAKING AWESOME, DUDE!!! I mean SERIOUSLY?! This vintage polish collectors DREAM! *hugs bottles to my chest* First up I have Psychedelic to share, a clear-based polish with tiny pink glitter and holo bar glitter. MAN. This is two coats over Chanel Rouge Noir topped with Gelous.

Yep. Soak that in.
What do ya think?