Monday, June 4, 2012

Pretty Serious Cosmetics - Tux

Monday? Duuuude, more warning next time! :P

Today it's time for the duochrome gem in Kaz's Pretty Serious Cosmetics line to shine! In the months before it's release, Kaz showed us teasers of the polishes to come. The minute I saw this vampy, shimmery duochrome I knew it would be true polish love. And, yes, it was. <3 Tux is a black-based based polish with shimmer taking on teal for the most part, and shifting to purple as well. My camera refused to capture the purple, although the bottle shot at the end of the post caught a glimpse. :p Smooth formula, two coats. 

Duochrome goodness!
Three down, three to go! :D


  1. this is stunning, i love it! :-)

  2. This is so stunning!!! Looks amazing on you hon!

  3. Beautiful! I love the shimmer in it.

  4. Whoa, soooo goorgeous. Love the name too.

  5. Love this one! I have a few like this in my collection and I love the duochrome shift in the shimmer. ^_^

  6. This is super pretty! But I also feel like variations of this have been done over and over again, especially in the last year. What make it so different from Sally Hansen Black Tie, Essie Dive Bar, Nailtini Stinger, etc?

    Not to say I wouldn't pick it up if I saw it in stores... because I would.

    1. I still haven't gotten Black Tie :( what can I say, I'm a sucked for these deep duochrome beauties! :P