Friday, June 22, 2012

Chanel - Peridot


First off, I have nubbins and I freaking LOVE THEM! I think they might be here to stay for a while! Second of all, I am officially addicted to Chanel polish. Something about their polish is so luxurious feeling. Don't get me wrong, some of my favorite polishes cost 99 cents or less, but I've been accumulating more Chanels lately and their colors just make me so warm and fuzzy inside. I had been lemming Peridot for a year now and up until now could never fork over the cash. Thank goodness for my great Aussie friend Lauren we hooked me up with this gem for only fifteen bucks! No joke, I am wearing Peridot now and I never want to take it off. Ever. One of my top polishes. TRUE LOVE. I'm a duochrome nut, and the way this shimmery metallic shifts from gold hues to greens just makes me stare and stare. This is two coats.

 I know what you're all thinking - there's so many dupes out there including OPI! Alas, I am officially a true collector, and nothing tickles my fancy like the original. Orly Fowl Play? Sorry, I just found OPI Merry Midnight. In the blog sale ya go! Speaking of blog sale, I'm moving in September and am revamping my previous blog sale and adding four times the amount I had before. MOAR monies for more CHANELS! :D

Have an amazing Friday!


  1. Yay for shorties! Man, peridot looks FAB on you. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    1. Thanks Kaz! Might be one of my top polishes. EVER!

  2. Babe, they are hardly nubbins! They look fab, and so does the Peridot - UH-MAZNG!!! x

  3. This looks stunning on you! It's really gorgeous.

  4. This is gorgeous!!! I'm with you on the Chanels girl, my collection just keeps growing! Can't get enough!

  5. Ahhh!! I have this but I haven't tried it yet. I want to right now :) It looks so pretty. And those are not nubbins.