Sunday, June 24, 2012

Orly a la mode - Enchante

Good morning, loves!

So I finally got my MASSIVE blog sale order from Kaz. It was like freakin' Christmas morning, man! I almost forgot everything I had ordered so it was really exciting. You just wait, you'll be seeing them pop up in the next few weeks! :) First up to share from my haul is one of the polishes I was the most excited to get - Orly a la mode's Enchante. I first saw this polish on Day Seven of Kaz's 50 polishes posts a few months back. I was in LOVE! I've NEVER seen anything about this old Orly brand so when she threw it in her blog sale, I squealed with delight. If ever see any more a la mode polishes on eBay, WATCH OUT! 

Enchante is a dirty olive green shimmer polish that has stolen my polish lovin' heart. I love these kinds of greens, no matter how many I have, new ones are always welcome in my stash! This is three thins coats. 

Have a great rest of your weekend! <3


  1. Wow, those bottles are old! I love the color though. It's gorgeous.

  2. So gorgeous!!!! Love those bottles, I'd love to find out more about them!

  3. Whyyyy is this so pretty? How similar is it to ChG Agro?