Monday, June 25, 2012

Old and New - Revlon StreetWear Blood & Wet N Wild It's Not You, It's Me

Hey dolls!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I worked, went to a cookout, and watched hours and hour of American Pickers (my guilty pleasure). All in all, a nice summer's weekend. Today I have an Old and New post to share, and the old polish for today is my most recent Revlon StreetWear polish - Blood from the amazing Jacqui. I'm a vampy polish fiend, and make it a blood red polish with shimmer?! SOLD. Blood is so dang sexy. Rawr! :D Two coats.

Next up I have a polish from a new Wet N Wild display I found at my work (CVS). I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW. Crackle is dead. Here's the thing though - I think it's been long enough that I've found myself falling in love with it again. I had always wanted OPI Red Shatter, so when I came across It's Not You, It's Me, I was giddy to get a red shatter for $2.99. I love the way it shattered as well, I might need to grab a few more! This is one coat over Chanel Peridot. Make fun all you want, shatter is cool to me again. 

Hope your Monday goes well! <3


  1. blood is hottt. love the shimmer in it, don't have anything similar!

  2. Blood is sexy! That sounds weird :)

  3. Oooh yay, Blood looks amazing on you!! And I love that crackle, I'm definitely back on the crack.

  4. Blood is gorgeous! I bought a bottle a couple of months ago, but I've been waiting 'til Fall to wear it.

    1. I cheat so bad. I wear darks all summer. I'm weird - I actually prefer them :P