Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ruby Kisses - Purple Twilight

Happy Hump Day!

*sigh* These are my nails not even a week ago before I had an awful break and filed to nubbins. I miss them at this length but having nubbies makes typing at work a lot easier!

Today I have a fantastic vintage Ruby Kisses polish to share, Purple Twilight from the ever-so-amazing Jacqui. After diving head first into the realm of vintage polish, I have fallen in love with Ruby Kisses. I think I have over a dozen now and I love them all. *here's looking at you, Khaki!* Purple Twilight is a deep shimmery plum base with silver glitter, and the result reminds me of a homecoming dress I once wore. :P Smooth formula, two coats.

Have a great day!


  1. Glad you like it!!! Love the little silver microglitter in there! Verry Night Sky-ish