Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nail-Venturous - Floam

I'm baaaaack!

Hey girls! I've been MIA lately, I know. My blog got freaking infected with all that garbage over the weekend, it was awful. I fixed what Google Webmaster Tool told me to fix and removed my blogroll, although I'm not sure that I should put it back up yet... anyone know if I can/should? I also just got home from vacation yesterday and I run out of backlogged posts. SO HERE I AM! And I'm back with Nail-Venturous Floam! I know, I know, you've been these swatches a million times. Well I don't care! A Twitter angel hooked me up and my long-time lemming was cured! Floam is a mixture of matte glitters in yellow, green, & blue. I think it represents the old toy very well.. even though it dried out in a day when I was a kid. Ah well! This is three coats with one coat Gelous and Seche Vite.

So fun!


  1. Glad you were able to get your hands on it hon! I hope you had fun on your vacation.

    I had to delete my blog roll too and I have no idea when I should put it back up, smh. So annoying!

  2. Isn't this an awesome polish? I just love Floam, so unique and bright.

  3. Looks amazing! It's so pretty. I deleted my blog roll too and I'm not sure when to put it back up either.

  4. This malware issue's made its way all over the place. Same problem happened to me down here in Australia - now no blog roll either. It's really disappointing because it's a great way to discover new and interesting blogs via each others' blog rolls :(

    1. It's been so aggravating & frustrating. Looks like things are getting straightened out now though <3

  5. It was kiss my acetone that was infected. Add back one blog at a time if you want to be safe, otherwise just keep hers off for now

  6. Fabulous!!! This is what you were wearing when I saw you, it looked fab on you!!