Sunday, December 25, 2011

Revlon - Whimsical


Sorry it took so long to get this post up, but I worked 10 hours Christmas Eve and the fiance and I exchanged presents. He really is amazing - I got a red Helmer (the boy listens!) an iPhone, and a Steve Madden wallet. I'm a lucky, lucky girl! Love you, Jeff! I just got off work today and am really excited to show off this lovely Glitter In The Air Dupe - Whimsical from Revlon. I know everyone is so excited over this polish! I've had a lemming for GITA FOREVER and thanks to Jacqui my lemming is no more! Thanks again, love! <3

This is two coats of Whimsical over two coats of Etude House's BL501. As much as I really like this combo, I think next time I'm going to go for a more grey-toned light blue. Either way, this is such a "Dana polish". I love polishes with a whimsical feel to them. I need three gallons of this polish. THREE. Whimsical is a VERY sheer light blue polish with fine shimmer and light pink and baby blue hex glitter. *sighs* So in love with this polish. :)

Whimsical wonderland.
Essie All In One Base/ Revlon Quick Dry topcoat


  1. Oooh, I like this on you! Merry Christmas. I've got mine to post this week too and I frankened a baby blue jelly base, it's definitely not grey. I love this polish!

  2. very pretty! you should try it over a dark blue too!

  3. Thanks Nicole! You're right - a more jelly base would be amazing!!!!!
    LM - I was think even a dusty, light pink! :p

  4. I need this polish in my life stat!! Looks great! Merry Christmas! Glad you got all you wished for ;0).

  5. I'm actually wearing this polish as we speak! Lol! I put it on top of a nude polish and its really pretty. It actually had great wear time!