Saturday, December 3, 2011

Old & New - Wet N Wild Precious Metal's Gold Rush & Wet N Wild Ice Baby's 24 Carats

Good morning polish lovers!
Sorry this post is so late - waking up at 5 in the morning and going back to bed at 8 means ultimately sleeping in till noon. Whoops! Better late then never I suppose. Today I have a Wet N Wild addition of Old & New. Enjoy!

The old polish I have to show you today is a mall Dollar Store's find. I literally raided that funny-smelling little shop for every polish they had! Among them and literally buried was this little gem. I don't remember seeing these polish around, but now I wish I had the rest of the collection! The rest of the white cap is missing, but for a dollar I really didn't care! Gold Rush is a wonderful - you guessed it - metallic gold polish and took three coats for full coverage.

Next up we have another Ice Baby polish - 24 Carats - from their most recent Ice Baby collection. 24 carats is a stunning clear based-polish with gold micro-glitter and bar glitter and copper bar glitter. It was one of the polishes I was most excited about from this collection! I applied two coats over Essie's Jazz.

Macro shot!
Seche Clear base/ Revlon Quick Dry topcoat


  1. Wow, I've never seen that Precious Metals line before--this gold looks great! They must have come out when I was on one of my nail polish hiatuses.

  2. Gorgeous!!! I can't wait for 24 karat! *hops around like a crazy person*

  3. Thanks dolls! I love finding vintage polishes that I've never seen before!