Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Blue Lacquer - Purple Nerple

Happy Saturday and Happy New Years Eve!

Today I wanted to pick a sparkly party mani to show you, so I went with Beanie's Purple Nerple. I know you all can tell how much I love her frankens from my posts on Blue Sangwich and Las Vegas Watermelon, so my love for Purple Nerple is big too! She is adding new glitters in the new year - I can't WAIT! Here we go!

Purple Nerple is a very sheer polish, so I didn't bother piling on layer after layer. This baby was born to layer over! This time I chose Barielle's Grape Escape. I thought they matched perfectly! Purple Nerple is what I consider to be the perfect "grape purple" polish. Let me just say that anytime you throw in HUGE HEX GLITTER into the mix, my heart naturally skips a beat and I fall in love. In this case, Beanie added them along with smaller hex glitter and even smaller circular holo glitter. It was a little hard to fish out the large pieces, but not as hard as it normally can be. This is two coats over two coats of Grape Escape. 

Who doesn't love large hex goodness??
Essie All In One Base/ Revlon Quick Dry topcoat


  1. That's a pretty glittery polish! I will check out her blog and order some of her frankens as well :)

  2. So gorgeous!! This is on my list to get. Just waiting to see what else is in store before purchsing it ;0).

  3. omigosh this is sooo pretty! love it! such a nice purple and i love the chunky glitter

  4. YES! I love Beanie's frankens - I highly recommend them! amazing!

  5. Just love the name of this!! Like the base purple-too much glitter for me!