Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Old and New - Naturistics Super Shine Pink Flirt & Wet N Wild Mermaid's Cove Sea Witch

Hey polish lovers!

Today I have a color of polish you don't find very often on my blog - pink. But this isn't just any pink. First of all it's a vintage Naturalistics polish. Second of all it's not just any pink. It's a "punch you in the face it's so bright and vibrant" pink. :D Now this is a pink polish if there ever was one! Here is Pink Flirt.

Pink Flirt is a crazy bright pink with glowing purple shimmer. This is definitely the most fun a pink can get. I'm thinking a go-to pedicure color. This was two coats. 

Next up I have a polish from the much lemmed after Mermaid's Cove collection from this summer. Wet N Wild has so many amazing LE collections, and they are usually impossibly hard to find. I didn't get my hands on the whole collection, but this was by far the standout for me. Here is Sea Witch! Sea Witch is a dark purple based polish loaded with glowing purple and blue shimmer. This was two coats if I remember correctly.

Essie All In One Base/ Poshe topcoat


  1. Wow, I love them both! Especially the pink, I can't believe you are wearing pink. SO pretty though!!

  2. Fun pink! And I love that wet and wild : )

  3. I do love a good pink and purple, these are lovely Dana! That pink looks great on you. x

  4. I know right??? Me and pink! I've been actually scouting out pinks to work them into my stash - dare I say I'm starting to like pink??? :P Thanks, dolls!