Sunday, December 18, 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection - Golden Green

Hello darling polish fanatics!

Today is the day for another polish from Models Own's Beetlejuice Collection, Golden Green. So far this is my favorite, I love a green polish like this that flash gold undertones. Such a sucker. :p

So far I am so in love with this collection! As I said in my first post, I got this set in a Secret Santa and am such a lucky gal. Gold Green is an almost sheer sage green-toned polish with a golden yellow metallic undertone. It simply glows. And I love it. The great thing about this polish is at first glance, you'd think it's formula would be watery. In fact, it was not, and only two medium coats were needed. I love pleasant surprises! 

Yummy golden green goodness!

Essie All In One Base/ Revlon Quick Dry topcoat


  1. this looks great, it's my #1 lemming from this collection

  2. i need this color. its amazing. i need to start doing some swaps or something. :{