Friday, December 30, 2011

Old and New: Bath & Body Works Color Drops polish in light green & mini Hard Candy Polish in Purple

TGIF and Happy New Years weekend, girls!

Today I have an AMAZING vintage polish. My lovely friend Jacqui texted me to tell me to check eBay - they had vintage Bath and Body Works polishes!!!! I did what I had to do of course - I bought up the rest that were left. What else was a girl to do?? :P Does anyone else remember these Color Drops? They came with little charms! Jacqui says she may have some on a key-chain back at home - hope you find them girl! They didn't come with names/stickers, so we'll just call this light green. 

Are you completely amazed and totally remembering these bad boys? AND are you drooling over that pink shimmer??? GOOD, GOOD, & GOOD! I ordered four of these gems and they ALL have amazing shimmer. My jaw freakin dropped, dude. Next time I may layer this polish, but for the first round trying it out I went with three coats. Green polish is among my all-time favorites and this is on the top of that list. :D

I almost have no words.

Next up I have a polish I am much, much less thrilled about. Look, I am a huge Hard Candy fan girl. Vintage Hard Candy...mostly. I've come across a few from the WalMart variety that I'm found of, but I fall head over heels over the vintage lovlies. As a teenager I saved up my money for a trip to Sephora for one. (NO I didn't save any but ONE. I kick myself every day.) Anyhoo, I grabbed four of the minis for $1 at WalMart and this is the first I've tried. Man I hope the other three are better. Hard Candy - WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MAN??? >:/ 

Let me start. The color? I love. The formula. Awful. Awful. Awful. Clumpy. Bubbly. And it actually split while drying like a crackle polish. HUH??? Come on Hard Candy, be what you used to be. Don't do this to us. 

Essie All In One Base/ Revlon Quick Dry topcoat


  1. That Bath & Body Works polish is gorgeous!! I love it!! I see why you scooped them all up, lol.

  2. yes! I still have three more to post! :p

  3. The Berry color is available right now, lot of 6 for $12 I just used my red that I've had for at least... IDK, since I was little and it still is the best formula I have after all this time OPEN.