Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yu Xuan #11

Hello There!

Today I have my fourth and final Yu Xuan polish, #11. I had so much fun stocking up on foreign polishes at the dollar store, and am happy to find out that two of them ending being wonderful layering polishes! Here is two coats of #11 over two coats of black polish (On the Prowl's Inkwell). 

In the bottle, #11 looks like your average pearly white polish. Layered over black? It takes on a whole other life! Pink and white duochrome goodness! It really just glowed in the sun, I couldn't been happier to have discovered it's hidden powers! :P 

Seche Clear basecoat/ Revlon Quick Dry topcoat


  1. looks very pretty, love the bottle

  2. I need all of the ones you've shown from this brand! They look amazing Dana!

  3. I know I wish I could find more! I thought them all out at the mall dollar store :((((

  4. Oh wow! Super pretty!

  5. I found #s 81 (sagey metallic green), 19 (pearly acid green) and 99 (metallic deep purple) at a flea market in a big box with dozens of bottles. I want to go back and get more now! The purple especially is just amazing!