Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Old and New - Vintage Avon Nocturnal & Essence Multi Dimension XXXL Shine Just Shout!

Happy Wednesday!

I'm very, very pumped about the Old polish in today's post. I found this gem at a thrift store for 99 cents. I couldn't find any info online about this polish. Low and behold, the lovely Kaz of Pretty Random shot me a link on Twitter of her swatches and info on the line that you can read here. Now I just need the rest! :P

Nocturnal is a great polish, shimmery army/olive green. I love the gold shimmer woven throughout! It's just beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! As I said before, I must find the entire collection now. It is my goal. :D This is three thin coats.

Next up I have an Essence polish! Living in the states, we get SUCH a limited selection of Essence polishes, which is a shame since I really adore their polishes! I have found that the easiest ways to get your hands on them is through swapping or blog sales. This one is from a blog sale. 

Just shout! is a bright coral/pink polish, one that I think will be perfect this summer for pedicures for sure. Smooth Essence formula, two coat. 

Essie All In One Base/ Poshe topcoat


  1. I love that Essence! I feel like I would wear it on a tropical vacation! The Avon is fab as well!

  2. what a bargain and so beautiful

  3. I love Nocturnal!!

  4. Love both of these, especially the first one

  5. Thanks loves! I need MOAR Avon vintage polishes so bad! And yes, this is a great essence polish for summer!