Saturday, July 28, 2012

Essence Snow White Collection Part 3: The Huntsman, Snow White, & Bashful

Hi there! 

It's time for day 3 of the Snow White Collection! 

Today's glitter is definitely the unique one of the bunch - The Huntsman. It was very thick, but in no way unmanageable. There are a few things I just LOVE about this polish - it has two tones of gold in the glitter. The micro glitter is a darker gold then the hex glitter, which is lighter. Thrown is the mix are irregular rectangular/triangular shards of polish that make it the unique beauty it is. This is two coats over Snow White. 

We all know how much I love red polish. It's my favorite right under green. I knew there was a red in this collection, but I didn't know it was a JELLY!!! Oh I still am so excited about this polish! Snow White is a vibrant tomato red polish that has a great tone for summer. Reds tend to look great with my skin tone (just sayin' LOL :P) and this one is no exception. Three coats, although next time I will wear it with two. I want the jellyness to shine through a little more.

Now. Here is my about FAVORITE polish in the entire stinking collection - Bashful. The promo pics for this collection were so misleading since they didn't show off any of the glitters or shimmers. Of course I knew there was a green, but what I DIDN'T know was it had gold shimmer!!! Formula was as perfect Sneezy. Like Buttah! Two coats. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

Only one day left!


  1. I love the green and the red best, too :) I am not a fan of The Huntsman because I do not like the glitter shards (the color change is pretty though).

  2. Wow, Bashful is gorgeous! I absolutely adore the shimmer and it's an amazing green. The other two are very pretty together as well.

  3. I love Essence polishes and this one is just gorgeous. The gold glass fleck is stunning.

    1. Oh Man I love Essemce's LE collections too!!