Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Old and New - Revlon Street Wear Toad & Bootie Babe's Electric Lemon

Good Morning!

Oh goodness has my Street Wear Collection been growing! It's such an exciting feeling for me! I know there's so many out there yet to get my claws on, and much of them are either VVVHTF or way to pricey on eBay, but I've been  really scoring lately through blog sales and thrift stores. Today I have the lovely, funky, and wonderful Toad. Since you all know my love for green polish, this baby was a no-brainer for my wish list. Loaded with green and gold shimmer, this is one of the funnest greens that I own! This is two smooth, creamy coats. Enjoy Toad and all it's funky glory!

Oh yes.
Next I have a Bootie Babe polish. I was always tickled my the shape of these polishes, I mean come on, it's hilarious! Today I have Electric Lemon for share. Yellow polish is great - one of my favorites - make it a jelly? YES PLEASE! I bought this with the intention of it being a lovely summer pedicure color, but it looks great on my fingernails too! The bottles are really small and the handles are even smaller, so it was a little tricky as far as brush control. The payoff was well worth it though, I love me a good jelly polish. This is three coats.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Hard Candy - Galaxy


Today I have yet another amazing vintage Hard Candy polish to share - Galaxy. Side note - it was included in a lovely package from the ever so infamous Jacqui. Holy moly was I beyond thrilled when I unwrapped this beauty from it's bubble wrap! What a great Hard Candy glitter - which I wish I owned more of! Grinch is on my wishlist like none other. Let's check out Galaxy!

Galaxy is an eyeful indeed! I LOVE it so much! Since it's in a mini bottle I'm not sure if I'll ever wear it as a full mani. Too scared to use it all up! This stunning lil guy starts off with a sheer black jelly base. (I used two coats over two coats China Glaze Liquid Leather) Thrown into the mix is charcoal grey/leaning to silver fine and hex glitter. The effect suites the name perfectly - it loos like a tiny little galaxy on my nail indeed! This may be my favorite Hard Candy I own. Just awesome. 

Mini galaxy in a bottle!
Sweet, right? :) -D

Monday, February 27, 2012

Old and New - Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Surfer Girl Frost & Milani Gleaming Green

Hey there!

I somehow managed to find a thrift store here in Virginia Beach that also somehow manages to stock on a semi-regular basis vintage polish. It's a gift from polish Heaven. I've found Street Wears, black label OPI's, vintage Wet N Wild's, and a slew of vintage Hard As Nails. Last weekend I came across this beauty - Surfer Girl Frost - I love discovering new polishes in my travels that I never knew existed and this is one of them! This lovely gold foil came from 2000's Surfer Chic Collection. I can't find any pictures of the collection in it's entirety, but I did find that article with a little info. I NEED to find the rest! *adds to ever-growing wish list* This is two coats of awesome.

That's right, Sally. Do your thing!

Next up I have a great eBay find that I paid a mere three bucks for, shipping included. I'm a big Milani fan. I love their cosmetics and nail polish alike, their quality and colors leave me always wanting more. I had never seen this color before, I'm guessing it came out before I dove head first into polish. Gleaming Green is an odd green. One part murky green-ish and one part vibrant, neon green. Added to the mix is holo bar glitter and micro-glitter. It looks amazing in the bottle, but doesn't translate all the way to the nail. The green seems to cover up all the holo bar goodness. Ah well, still pretty. Two coats.

Awesome, right?
Happy Monday! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Old and New - Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Bold Frost & Rimmel Rags To Riches

Happy Sunday, polish lovers! 

I hope you are all having a fun weekend - I love any weekend that I have time to have a swatch-a-thon! As I'm sure other bloggers feel the same way, I feel as though I buy so much fast than I can even start to swatch everything. I'm always hundreds behind. I think I may have to purge and have a blog sale soon. Maybe. :P We shall see.

My first beauty to show you today is one of my old Sally Hansen Hard As Nails from the 90s. Here is a wonderful reference guide. I love these polishes SO MUCH, not only because of the matching brush handles (which I LOVE! it's the simple things in life that make me smile.) but the fun and funky colors they came up with back in the day. Bold Frost I believe is one of the older Hard As Nails, so that might put it the the mid 90s. I think. Bold Frost is a wonderful frosty (duh.) lighter blue polish with I think to be, the perfect amount of frostiness. The formula was just a little on the runny side, but three coats and we were in business.

Next up I have one of the newest Rimmel polishes. I only own two of the newer Rimmels - I miss and love the older ones. Star Trek will be on my wishlist until it is mine. *insert maniacal laughter here* Rags To Riches is AMAZING though and once I saw swatches start to pop up I knew I needed this dark olive green foil. It's just stunning and right up my alley for green polish! The brush on these polishes are very wide and scoop-like, I love and I hate it. Haven't decided yet. This is two coats.

Have a wonderful day! -D

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Urban Decay - O

Happy Saturday!

I hope you're all having a great start to the weekend! Jeff and I are looking for a new place here in Virginia Beach so we are apartment hunting! Wish us luck! My quick post for today is a great vintage Urban Decay polish - O. I love Urban Decay - not just their polish - their eye shadows are amazing and their lip glosses too! I'm trying to collect their polishes from back in the day, they can be pretty pricey. Thank goodness for blog sales! I scored three for twelve bucks!  Woo hoo!

Isn't O just a yummy, sexy son of a gun? I love vibrant, punchy pinks like these and O has a really great glow to it. I love the formula on all my old Urban Decays, very smooth and easy to work with. If only I could get my hands on Big Bang I'd be a happy, happy lady. :D LOVE.

Have a great weekend! <3D

Friday, February 24, 2012

Old and New - Revlon Crystal Ball & Loreal After Hours


Hey girls, hope you all survived the week! I know I barely did. Been workin' my behind off. So glad I have the weekend off with the Jeff to relax, eat breakfast for dinner, read my Supernatural comics, & watch Dragon Ball Z. That's all I want to do. :P 

First off today I have a WONDERFUL Revlon sent to me in a wonderful gift package from Jacqui. Yes, I mention her a lot. She's basically my nail polish BFF. We have the same taste in vintage and HTF polish and have the BEST dusty hunting luck together. *knocks on wood* I am OBSESSED with vintage Revlons. To say they are amazing is a clear understatement. (Case in point - the Color Zing polishes - some of my ultimate lemmings EVER!) Revlons had the most unique colors and depth back in the day. Please being back every single one, Revlon, ok? Crystal Ball is one of the polishes that doesn't just glow it glows. I mean,  just look at it. The neon purple color jam-packed with a purple/blue shimmer is just eye-catching. Definitely one of those polishes that you think is pretty in swatches and ends up breath-taking in person. It's a funky/romantic color to me. Three coats.

Next up I have one of the newer released Loreal polishes. When I first saw the collection I thought "eh". The second time I really took a look and decided there were two I needed. After Hours grabbed my attention for it's layering potential. (I used it with Max Factor Fantasy Fire) After Hours is a darkened navy creme/almost jelly polish. It's amazing and smooth and stains the HECK out of your nails. Beware. Two coats.

Have a great Friday! <3Dana

Thursday, February 23, 2012

China Glaze - Spellbound

Hey there!

As polish lovers and collectors, we all have our never-ending, always growing wishlist. There are polishes that we REALLY want and polishes that we would kill for. Then there are the others that we think we will never get a chance to hold or see in person let alone own. I've been lucking out lately with lemming and wishes through blog sales and eBay. The polish Gods have been smiling upon me! One of those VHTF polishes I never thought I'd ever get my claws on was China Glaze's Spellbound. Talk about a HTF glitter, MAN! One day I saw it on a blog sale and not only did my eyes bulge out of my head, but I took a double take at the price tag - a mere $4! I mean, WOW! Here we go! :D

Yep, that's right. Soak it on in. Spellbound is flipping AAMMAAZZIINNGG! It shines so bright like tiny mirrors sitting in the sun with hints of orange breaking through. Speechless. Spellbound, you are one of my favorite all-time glitters. Congratulations. This glitter phenom came out in China Glaze's 2009 collection. Ah, that's right, now I need Fortune Teller as well... Anyhoo, from what I can tell Spellbound is a grande mixture of Large round silver glitter that makes for most of the opaqueness of the polish and is joined by orange micro-glitter and hex-glitter. This is three coats. After seeing this polish in person , I knew it was meant to stand alone. No black polish to help it stand out, it does that on it's own. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.


Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nails Inc. Crystal Caps - Primerose Hill

Hey girls!

Today I have for you a very special polish - my first Nails Inc. Crystal Caps polish! These stunning and beautifully adorned polishes have been on my wish list FOREVER! Last time I was home in Ohio and had my Christmas paycheck in hand, I knew I had to treat myself during our trip to Sephora at our meet-up. Jacqui and I were on the same page - we got matching ones! There were many to choose from, but the multi-colored crystals and lavender color really drew us in. Oh, Primrose Hill, you are a splurge well done indeed. 

Isn't she just a gem??? Primrose Hill is a dusty muted lavender polish with purple shimmer that in some light shifts to an amazing green! I didn't realize this when I bought it - but when I got home it was SUCH a pleasant surprise! Alas, as hard as I tried - I just could not photograph it. Grrrrr >:/ I hate it when shimmer eludes the camera. Believe me though - it's there. The formula on this was AH-MAZ-ZING! It almost painted itself. Flawless. I'm becoming a rather large Nails Inc. fan and this my friends is why. This is two coats of perfection. 

What girl could resist?