Tuesday, February 26, 2013

China Glaze - It's A Trap-Eze!


I'm digging my current manicure so much, I just had to post it today! Life doesn't allow me any swatching time right now, so I've been settling on posting my manicures that I'm wearing. :) I'm starting to get a little back-logged so I'll start trying to play catch up soon.

Today I have It's A Trap-Eze! to share. I don't know why, but I've been wearing a lot less vintage polish and a lot more newer ones. Hmm. Weird. I received It's A Trap-Eze! from my recent Secret Cupid swap, it had been on my wish list since I first laid eyes on this collection. What's not to love?! Milky pale blue base loaded with multi-sized rainbow glitter. So awesome. Right up my alley. Formula was thin, but of course it makes for great layering looks for this bad boy! This is three coats. LOVE.

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Have a great day! 

Friday, February 22, 2013


Hey there, ladies!

Time to do some Spring cleaning and clean out the stash! I'll make the rules as simple as I can, short and sweet:

US only. Sorry ladies, it was quite the hassle to ship internationally last time around. 

Paypal only.

email me at danadohanyos@yahoo.com

Shipping is $2.00 for the first item, 50 cents for each additional items. If you order enough I have flat rate shipping boxes as well.
No refunds or exchanges. 

Thanks for looking!

Essence Moonlight Collection: Into The Night $2
Essence Crazy Good Times: Paradelade $2
Essence Crazy Good Times: Glittertastic $2

ulta3: Midnight Fever $1.50
ulta3: Lagoon $1.50
ulta3: Pearly Grape $1.50

ulta3: Fire Truck $1.50
ulta3: blue Heaven $1.50
Missha: GR002 $1.50

OSLD: unnamed holo bar glitter $1
M nail polish: unnamed $1
Absolute: unnamed $1

Close up of OSLD

Italian Deluxe: Black Sparkle: $1
Care Romeis: unnamed metallic blue: $1
Midie: unnamed pale pink: $1

Mode: Gothic Crown: $2
Mode: Blue Steel: $2
Colorama: Fantasia $1

Boots 17: Juicy $2
Boots 17: Mellow Yellow $2
Boots 17: Spring Petal $2

BYS: Scented Bright Red (but it's pink. weird.) $2
BYS: Magetic Cobalt $1
Austalis: Vampy $2

Golden Rose holographics (mini's)
Take the lot for $2

MUA (mini's)
Take the lot for $2

Maybelline Colorama
Take the lot for $2

Nicole By OPI: Virtuous Violet $3
Nicole By OPI: Hard-Kourt Fashionista $3
Zoya: Cynthia $3

Maybelline Express Finish: Copper Glaze 50 cents
Maybelline Express Finish: Summer N Spice: 50 cents
Maybelline Express Finish: Raisin Rum 50 cents

Revlon Top Speed: Ocean $1.50
Revlon Top Speed: Cheers (LE Holiday 2011) $1.50
Revlon Top Speed: Black Star $1.50

Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds: Plum Solitaire $1
Maybelline Wet Diamonds: Raw Edge $1

Maybelline Express Finish:Yellow Rays $1

Maybelline Color Show: Blue Freeze $2
Revlon: Plum Night $1.50
Maybelline Ultimate Wear: Creamy Cocoa 50 cents

Revlon: Mint Fizz $1.50
Revlon Top Speed: Hazy $1.50
Revlon: Punk $1.50

Cover Girl: Purplexed (duochrome) $3
Cover Girl Nail Slicks: Peaches N Cream 50 cents
L'Oreal: After Hours $2

Cover Girl Out Last: #290 $2
OPI: Turquoise Shatter $1
OPI Opening Night Champagne (mini) 25 cents 

My Blue Lacquer: Blue Sangwich $1
My Blue Lacquer: Purple Nerple $1

My Nail Graffiti: Snow Day $4 

Close-up of Snow Day

Spooky Bones mini: Red Rum 50 cents
Spooky Bones mini: Oogie Boogie 50 cents

Elixir Lacquer: Kind Of Connery $4

Close up of Kind Of Connery

Wet N Wild: Red Red 25 cents
Wet N Wild: Whose Lips Are These? 25 cents
Spoiled: Steel The Show 25 cents

Wet N Wild Precious Metals: Lilac Metal 50 cents
Wet N Wild Precious Metal: 14K 50 cents

Wet N Wild: It's Not You, It's Me 25 cents

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms: Ruby Topaz $2
Sally Hansen: Golden Cinnabar $2
Sally Hansen: Rain Cloud 50 cents

Sally Hansen: Pat On The Black: 50 cents
Sally Hansen: Cherry Nice $1
Sally Hansen: Cherry Smash 50 cents

Sally Hansen: Lazy Daze $1
Sally Hansen: Decked Out $1
Sally Hansen: Beige Frost $1

Sally Hansen: Virtual Violet $1
Sally Hansen: Rock Bottom $1
Sally Hansen: Punk Rock $1

Sally Hansen: Teeny Greeny Bikin $1
Sally Hansen: Emerald City $1
Sally Hansen: Lime Lights $1

Claire's Glitter polish: with ringe $1
Flormar: pink holo glitter: $1
Rainbow Skull glitter: $1
Pumpkin Glitter: black and orange bar glitter 50 cents

Snowman: Red 50 cents
Snowman: Green 50 cents
Snowman: Pink 50 cents

Pixel: Oh Goly Gee! $1
Pixel: Oh Yessss! $1
Pixel: Deep, Dark, and Handsome $1
Bonita: Treasure Chest 50 cents

Rimmel 60 Seconds: Shocker $1
Rimmel 60 Seconds: Pulsating $1
Rimmel 60 Seconds: Stop Traffic $1

Island Girl: Mahalo Dream (flakies!) $2
Island Girl: Waikiki Sunset $2
Island Girl: Aloha Surf $2

Confetti: Pop The Cork Purple 50 cents
Confetti: Smitten 50 cents
Confetti: Bayou Blue 50 cents

Guess By Marciano polishes
Take the lot for $2

LJL: Black polish with holo glitter $1
Apple Bottom:Red Delicious $1
New York Summer: Purple glitter $1

Milani: Breezy $1
Milani: Wild Violet $1
Sinful: Daddy's Girl 50 cents

Ulta: Blue For You $1
Ulta: Envy $1

Ruby Kisses: Reflection 50 cents
Ruby Kisses: Bomber 50 cents
Creative: Super Sexy (green) $1

Barry M: Aqua Green $2
Dr's Remedy: Healing Heather Grey $3
Spa Ritual: Airhead $3

Cutex Ultra: Santorini 25 cents
NYX Girls: Women $1
Cabaret: Orange Whip 50 cents

Pro 10: Galaxy 50 cents
Artmatic: Zambucca Rush 25 cents
Chelsea: Time Zone $1.50

Hedy's: Blaster $1
Max Factor: Rose Garden 50 cents
Essence: Where Is The Party? 50 cents

Physicians Formula Eyeshadow pallets (top was swatched two colors on my hands, bottom is brand new)
Fashionista & Smoky: $3 each

Pop Eye Cake: Teal Eyes (swatched on hand) $3
Pop Cheeky Cake: Beach Beauti (brand new) $3

Pop Pin Up eyeshadow pallet (swatched on hand) $2

Miki Eyeshadow: used once $1
Revlon Perle: Violet Starlet (brand new) $1

L'Oreal loose shadows: 50 cents each. All brand new.
Guilty Pleasures

L'Oreal HIP Shadows (all used about once) $1 each
Top: Showy
Left: Animated
Right: Riotous
Milani eyeshadow: Shamrock (brand new) $1
i.d. bare minerals Soft Focus True $1
Wet N Wild Sellout Eyeshadow (brand new) 25 cents

Wet N Wild Spoiled Brat (never used) 50 cents
Wet N Wild Idol Eyes (both never used) 25 cents each
Purple & Blue

Revlon Electric Pop eyeshadow $1

Real colors blush papers (brand new) $1
L'Oreal HIP eyeshahow powder: Exciting $1
L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow powder: Unashamed $1

L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow Golden Sage (never used) $2
Gosh powder eyeshadow (used once) Blue Diamond $1
Thanks for looking!