Friday, July 27, 2012

Layering Fun - Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Cyber & Naturistics Lime Aboard Creme


Remember when I promised to show off all seven of my Sally Hansen Hard As Nails holo glitters? Time for the second one - Cyber. This is the one I definitely wanted the most. (Other then Magnet. Bright blue. Still need.) I still can't get over how awesome these are with their hold glitter, colored base, and matching handles. :) 

Cyber is a lime green sheer based polish with holo glitter. These are all very sheer, so I'd say they're all best for layering. This is two coats over Naturistics Lime Aboard Creme. Wait until you see what color it was originally - Cyber completely changed up the color! 

Here's the underwear of the manicure - Lime Aboard Creme! Look at how different the base color is without Cyber. It has almost more of a mint green feeling mixed in with a lime green tone. Three coats for evenness. 

What do ya think? :P


  1. Wow! The Sally Hansen holo really brightens up the green! I love it! -needs to buy some of these polishes-

  2. Gorgeous bright green! Looks awesome with the glitter on top!

  3. Both look great! I love that green color!

  4. That's so bold and bright. I love it

  5. So cool how bright that SH made the Naturistsics green!!! Can't go wrong with a little vintage on vintage action lol!