Saturday, May 31, 2014

Updated Wishlist!

Hello again! 

It's been FOREVER since I've made a wishlist. I ended up deleting the old once since I hadn't updated it in about ummmm two years? Anyhoo, here's the new one. I love hunting for these gems and it gives me the biggest excitement ever to finally find them! Here we go! LET THE HUNT BEGIN!

Sally Hansen: Bright Metal                                   Rimmel: Star Trek 
Photo credit: Polished, Plants, & More                Photo credit: Babyness

Naturistics Crystal Blue Pearl
Sally Hansen: Pumpkin (right)        Naturistics: Crystal Blue Pearl 
Photo credit: Kaz                            Photo credit: Kaz

OPI: Rainforest Photo credit:KellieGonzo OPI: Creme De Menthe Photo credit: Jacqui

Nails Inc: Jubilee                                  Essie: Starry Starry Night
Photo credit: A Polish Addict              Photo credit: Make Up Talk

ANY Liquid Euphoria polishes
Photo credit: Dr. Frankenpolish

OPI: La Boheme Photo credit: 
Blue Collar,Red nail polish         

Revlon Street Wear: Kwanza                   Revlon Street Wear: Rudolph
Photo credit: Jacqui                              Photo credit: Jacqui

Revlon Street Wear: Costume Party   Revlon Street Wear: Hippy Dippy
Photo credit: Babyness                       Photo credit: eBay

OPI: Real Teal Photo credit: Kaz               ANY 1st generation Urban Decay's
                                                                           Photo credit: Jacqui

  It's Witchcraft Frost
Chanel: holographic                        Sally Hansen: It's Witchcraft Frost
Photo credit: purple yellow            Photo credit: Kaz

Vampira  Sally Hansen Ghoulish GreenSally Hansen Pumpkin Orange
Sally Hansen: Vampira SH: Ghoulish Green     SH: Pumpkin Orange
Photo credit: Kaz            photo credit: Kaz        photo credit: Kaz

Sally Hansen Screamer Red
SH: Screamer Red            Chanel - Ciel de Nuit
photo credit: Kaz             Photo credit: polish misfit

Maybelline Electric Apple  
Maybelline Express Finis: Electric Apple       Rimmel: Sonic
Photo credit: Kaz                                        photo credit: nails n stuff

Of course this is just a start! I'll be adding of course, and hopefully scratching some off the list! 

<3 Dana

Friday, May 30, 2014

Zoya PixieDust - Carter

Hello there and happy Friday night!

I never really post at night, normally it's in the morning on my way to work. Thought I'd switch things up a bit! Went out to dinner with a friend, now I'm watching Bones and I thought what the heck! Lemmie bust out a post right here!

Today I have my one and only PixieDust from Zoya to share, Carter. I instantly fell in love with this color when I first saw swatches, but as beautiful as it may be, I did have a few hiccups. First off, it took three coats to get it opaque. I'm a patient lady with layers seeing as I'm a vintage polish lover so that's all good. But with all other liquid sand like polishes they dry SO FAST. This one, not so much. Over an hour later I smudged. And I had let each coat dry. In the end it all worked out, but I'm not quite sure if I'm sold on the whole range. I'll try a few more out though, they have some amazing colors! 

I hope you all have a great start to your weekend!
<3 Dana

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Revlon - Mesmerized

Hello again! 

Today I have a really fun vintage Revlon to share, Mesmerized. Jacqui gifted this to me a year or two back, and I had honestly forgotten in had been sitting in my Helmer. I love that; re-finding gems all over again! 

Side note: The plum purple base to this polish photographed more plum and less purple for some reason. IRL it is much more purple, but I still love how I was able to capture the amazing green shimmer! THAT SHIMMAH, OH DAT SHIMMAH. It's so amazing. The formula was definately on the thinner side, so shown is three thin, even coats. I LOVE THIS POLISH SO MUCH.

Have a great day!
<3 Dana

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quick NOTD: Rimmel Salon Pro - Simply Sizzling

Happy hump day! 

Today I have a really quick NOTD to share, Rimmel Salon Pro - Simply Sizzling. Sometimes a girl just needs a nice vibrant pink creme in here life, even though more times than not I love the quirky, unique color combos. Other times I just need to be a little girlie! I think I have about eight polishes from this line now and I LOVE the formula so much. The brush is amazing, the staying power is great, and they apply really nice and even. I can't wait until they come out with more! This is two coats.

Have a great Wednesday!
<3 Dana

Monday, May 26, 2014

Maybelline Express Finish - Pow Plum

Good morning and Happy Memorial day! 

I hope you all have a nice, relaxing day planned today - we're going to have a nice, relaxing day and are just going to spend the morning with the hubby and later we're going to a friends house for a little mini cookout. All in all - it's going to be a beautiful day in Virginia Beach so I couldn't be happier! 

Today I have one of my prized Maybelline gold caps to share - Pow Plum. I love discovering new gold capped Express Finish polishes. I think I now have almost a full Helmer drawer full! Pow Plum is so gorgeous! I've always been a sucker for blue or pink toned purples and this one really glows! The formula with these old Maybellines can be tricky at best - they need thinner more times than not and the brushes don't fare well. WHO CARES WITH A PURPLE THIS PURDY?! I made it work, and the payoff was worth it all! This is two coats. LOVE.

Have a great Memorial Day!
<3 Dana

Friday, May 23, 2014

Quick NOTD: Sally Hansen New Lengths - Zesty Ginger Frost

Hello there!

Today I have a very quick NOTD to share, it's a New Lengths from Sally Hansen, Zesty Ginger Frost. This was actually a gift from a while back from the lovely Jacqui! I love New Lengths. The fact that not all of them have the matching caps irks me a bit (this one is black) but who can be that picky! Zesty Ginger Frost is a very streak-y polish, I won't lie (it's doesn't show in the bottle) but I still love the eggplant purple enough to look right past it. Shown is three coats. 

Have a beautiful day!
<3 Dana

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

OPI Liquid Sand: It's Frosty Outside

Good morning! 

Today I have a really awesome OPI to share - and no it's not vintage! Sometimes I fall equally in love with new polishes as I do with vintage. This one I got in a swap with a lovely Instagram polish, Alma. I would have never really picked this for myself (although I love liquid sand polishes in general) but I'm in LOVE! It's Frosty Outside is SUCH A BRIGHT in your face silver - and swimming within the bright silver sand polish there's also larger pieces of round silver glitter as well. I really love this one! Dried smooth, fast, and evenly. This is two coats. So awesome. I need more of these for sure! LOVE!

Have a great morning! 
<3 Dana

Monday, May 19, 2014

How does one make Chelsea Psycho Green more awesome you may ask? ADD GLITTAH!

Hello again!

Two posts in two days?! I'm feeling pretty awesome! Can I keep it up? That is the question, but I'm thinking that's a big fat YES! I looked though my Helmers trying to find a great glitter to layer over Psycho Green and this one just called my name - Pop Rocks Groupie! I really don't know much about this polish line - as in I know nothing. I got this maybe two years ago on eBay, and back then they were pretty easy to come by. There was a red one too that I kick myself for not grabbing, as it is no longer something I can find. 

ANYWAY, Groupie is a perfect match with it's shade of green, and I think it looks awesome! A VERY sheer hunter/kelly green with scatted holo glitter. This polish is three of my favorite things in one when it comes to polish: green, glitter, and vintage. This is two coats shown. 

Have a great Monday and I'll see you soon!
<3 Dana