Monday, July 30, 2012

Pro 10 Camouflage: One of my new favorite greens!

What's up dolls?!

We all know I love green polish. It's my absolute favorite and it always has been, even as a teenager. Finding new awesome greens to drool over is like Christmas every time LOL! :D I randomly bought Pro 10's Camouflage on eBay (Two bucks. Beat THAT.) and I knew it was gorgeous from bottle shots I'd seen but DAAANG! It's so much more amazing. Pictures almost do this polish no justice, IRL it just shines! Swimming within this green stunner is golden shimmer that really makes it POP. (You'll have to see the bottle shot at the end of the post to see for yourself.) This is three coats, it was a little sheer. *Adds to list of greens I die for* :)

So awesome.


  1. I die for this green, too. Oh man. What a great find!

    1. You can probably find it dirt cheap on eBay still too!!

  2. Ooooooh very pretty!! Kind of reminds me of the green vintage Wet N Wild that I have. Looks fab on you!