Thursday, July 26, 2012

Essence Snow White Collection Part 2: Prince Charming, Sleepy, & Sneezy

Hello again!

It's time for day two for Essence's Snow White Collection!

First up for today's post I have my favorite glitter topcoat from the collection, Prince Charming. The formula was the best with this one. I love the whimsical feel this polish lends to the mix, it definitively reminds me of Prince Charming for sure! This clear-based polish starts off with fine silver and holo glitter with large blue hex glitter. This is one coat over Sleepy.

And now we have Sleepy, a pastel blue polish with bright blue shimmer swimming within. I love the color, reminds me of Spring, but the formula was tough. Without the right base coat (I used Seche Base) It spotted like that new OPI polish. This is three coats for evenness. 

Next I have Sneezy, a fantastic cocoa brown polish with silver micro fine glitter. Formula was ON POINT. PERFECT. This polish reminds me of smooth milk chocolate. I really like this one. :)

Stay tuned for day 3!


  1. Waaa :( I have polish envy! Love sleepy and LOVE Prince Charming! I already have a real life Prince Charming but I'd LOVE a polish one too :) They sell Essence in Target here so I'll be stalking for these for sure!!

  2. These are all so pretty! I really love the blue and glitter combination!

  3. I seriously want these so bad! I hope they come to the states!!!(I seen your reply about in germany)

    1. I hope the US starts getting these collections!

  4. You're a jerk. You know why? Because I TOTALLY didn't want any of these until you showed me their beauty and now I need them all and made my overseas friend go hunting for me. You jerk, why are your swatches so perfect?! ;) (just kidding. I love you. jerk.)

  5. Woahhhh I kind of dig that brown one!!! It's like chocolate with glitter. Me likey!!