Monday, June 30, 2014

Quick NOTD - Zoya: Zuza

Happy Monday!

Oh, Zoya. I really don't give you enough credit. I have quite a lot of your polish, yet I never really fall head of heels for your collections. They all seem the same for the most part, and I really only buy from you when you have your awesome sales. I want to love you more, I really do. 

Polishes like Zuza help me to build the affection. I honestly forgot about this one too (I do that a lot. Happens when you have as much polish as us polish addicts do!) and when I came across it, it just HAD to get on my nails! A light, almost pastel teal polish with silver/white shimmer just scream spring/summer to me! Zoya either goes one of two ways with me: either they wear like iron or they chip within five minutes. This one chipped in ten. It's still a beautiful polish none the less. This is two coats.

Enjoy the beginning of your week!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Quick NOTD: L'Oreal - Sequins

Hello there!

I'm so happy it's Saturday. I'm off tomorrow, and I've decided to plant my little butt on the couch and watch FireFly and Star Trek: Voyager tonight. Oh, and eat Confetti Cake Pop Tarts. (If you haven't tried them yet, YOU HAVE TO!) Livin the dream, people. Livin. The. Dream.

ANYHOO, ONTO THE POLISH. A few months back (I think?) I found a few really awesome vintage L'Oreals on eBay and I completely forgot about them until I stumbled across them in my Helmer. Today I have Sequins to share with you! I only got two pictures before I fumbled the bottle and literally smudged every single nail. LAME. Sequins is just awesome! A deep plum polish loaded with silver shimmer and sparse silver glitter swimming within, giving it a really awesome metallic, molten feel. This polish is so unique. I LOVE THIS POLISH! If you see this one out there.... GRAB IT! This is two coats. 

Here's a closer look at Sequins, so you can see it in all its glory! 

Have a great weekend!
<3 Dana

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vintage Sally Hansen Hard As Nails: Shimmer

Happy hump day!

I'm so happy it's Wednesday, I'm off tomorrow! Woo hoo! I decided to spend this evening watching awesome corny 90's teen comedies (Can't Hardly Wait, anyone? anyone?) and swatching some pretty beauties. I actually had forgotten that I had this gem in my Sally Hansen drawer, I *think* I scored this from Dollar Tree a few years back! Isn't that just the BEST when you score vintage gems at the Dollar Tree? Doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's a goal mine! 

Shimmer is an awesome green glitter that actually got really, really opaque over a green creme polish with three coats. I love the vintage Sally's that had the great fine grain glitter, they apply really well and they have such a great sparkle to them. I love the vibrant green color as well, reminds me of Christmas! 

Have a great night!
<3 Dana

Monday, June 23, 2014

OPI: Cajun Shrimp

Good morning everyone!

We all know we have those go-to colors that we love, and for me one of my summer colors I always reach for is OPI Cajun Shrimp! I've loved this polish for years. It's one of the red/coral colors that looks amazing on all skin tones. I had to use flash to get the color to pop, so I promise you my skin isn't naturally really that ghost white! I absolutely adore the wide OPI brushes, and formula on this was of course great. Two coats.

Have a great day!
<3 Dana

Saturday, June 21, 2014

TRUE BLOOD WEEKEND! Deborah Lippmann Clean Nude & Maybelline Gilded Rose

Happy weekend, everyone! HAPPY TRUE BLOOD WEEKEND THAT IS!

I'm a hard core True Blood fan. My heart is breaking that this is the last season. When the last episode airs, don't talk to me. I'll be balling my eyes out in a corner somewhere. I love the book series as well, if you haven't read those as well as watching the show, YOU MUST!

So, of course I wanted to use a polish from my Deborah Lippmann Forsaken trio. You know how sometimes you just really want a nude, delicate mani? Well I do. Most times all I want is green or blue or glitter, but today I really wanted something simple. Clean Nude is a really nice nuce polish with my skin tone, and I love that it's nice and sheer, it gives it that jelly feel. This is two coats.

Of course I had to add glitter. I'm too weak. Maybelline Gilded Rose is by far the BEST polish I've been Maybelline come out with lately! I LOVE rose gold, and this polish is so stunning! This is one coat on my accent finger. I love how this turned out!

<3 Dana

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Quick NOTD: Finn The Human!

Good evening (or morning) everyone!

Today I have a quick polish to share, and it's a fun one! My husband and I love Adventure Time so much, so naturally he threw this amazing vibrant blue polish into my Christmas stocking over the holidays! It's so FLIPPING CUTE! Bright, amazing blue creme polish, Finn The Human cap, AND it came with a Jake the Dog nail file! YOU GO, HUBBY. I think he got this from Hot Topic he said? 

Let's talk formula - it was really awesome! This was two coats, nice and smooth! I really wish that I would have snagged up the rest of the bunch back when they were still around.

Sweet dreams!
<3 Dana

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vintage Bath & Body Works Color Drops: Wall Flower

Hello there and happy Tuesday!

When we were preteens, was anyone else obsessed with Bath and Body Works Art Stuff line and their Color Drops nail polishes?! I know I was, so of course I'm trying to recollect them all as an adult! Today I have one of the more recent ones I scored on eBay, and since it's very rare to find one that still has the charm attached, you can imagine my excitement when I found this one. I don't think the baseball mit exactly matches the bubblegum pink creme polish, I love and cherish it all the same! 

The formula on this was pretty awful. It wasn't thick or goopy, but the formula refused to dry evenly or dry at all. This is two or maybe three coats shown. This would be one of those polishes that I will love looking at in the bottle and not on the nail LOL! 

Have a great day!
<3 Dana

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Vintage Blogging Beauties: Revlon Streetwear Glittahs!

Well hello there girls!

Today is a special day - today is the first addition of Vintage Blogging Beauties! Myself, Kaz, Hannah, and Jenna have all decided to join forces and every couples weeks or so share not only our love for all things vintage polish, but also give you peeks into our Helmers! Vintage polish is such an amazing passion and hobby. The thrill you get from finding those HTF and VHTF gems or discovering something new you never knew exhisted is what keeps us going! Let's just say there's been some AMAZING vintage polish popping up lately! MOONPOOL, anyone, MOONPOOL?! Anyway, on to today's Vintage Blogging Beauties post!

Today I thought I'd take today's theme of Revlon Streetwear and show you my collection of Streetwears, only just the GLITTAHS! I love Streetwears. I loved them when I was younger, and I love them even more now. I've acquired some AMAZING gems over the years, and I must say I'm proud of my collection! Enjoy!

Nightmare, Oct 31st, Monster Mash, Grinch

Jewels, Twinkle Twinkle, Diamond Girl, Time Machine

Starry, Midas, Groovy, Hologram

Poetry, Energy, Lighen Up, Angelic, Slip

And of course, I thought I would swatch two of my newest additions for you, and first up is MONSTER MASH!!!

Yep, this polish might be my one true love in polish form. I love green. I love lime green. I love vintage nail polish. Match made in Heaven, people. I never thought I would ever own this elusive polish, either! I remember seeing it pop up on eBay maybe two times over the past couple years, and every time the ending bid was at LEAST fifty dollars. I waited patiently and snagged it for only twenty five dollars on StoreEnvy! That's the one thing I can say about vintage polish, if you don't get it at first, do not fret - your patience will pay off! Monster Mash was opaque, too! This is two coats shown with one coat of Gelous and two of Sache Vite. FREAKING BEAUTIFUL, PEOPLE.

Next up I have Diamond Girl to share! I paired two coats over a bright blue creme. This polish has an almost foggy, shimmery base that adds a whimsical feel to a boring old creme polish. I love the iridescent glitter! 

I hope you all had a great day, don't forget to check out all the other Vintage Blogging Beauties posts! 
<3 Dana

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oh, the love of SSN dupes - Nail Gear Scandal!

Good evening! Or morning, depending on where you are!

My awesome pal Kaz just posted an AMAZING CdN Dior dupe on her blog HERE, and in honor of this amazing polish AND the fact that I was able to snag a bottle, I thought I'd post some swatches I had on my computer of a SSN/CdN dupe as well, Nail Gear's Sandal!

I have to admit, I'm a little bummed out on how my swatches turned out. Even though the base for this is way brighter than most SSN-esque polishes out there, it's a more vibrant blue, I really wish I would have done one more coat. Doesn't it always seem to come down to that ONE MORE COAT?! DANG IT. Anyway, let's just talk about how amazing it is anyway! 

I love Nail Gear polishes. They're everywhere on eBay right now, and I have some really amazing ones in my stash. I got this one a few months back, and of course I was so excited to break this bad boy out! Formula on this wasn't too bad, but the brush was a tad wonky and gave me some serious issues. That's a chance we all take when it comes to vintage bottles of polish! This is two coats. So pretty. Kaz is right, one can never have too many of these starry night polishes. Ah, the life of a polish collector. 

I hope you enjoyed!
<3 Dana

Monday, June 9, 2014

China Glaze: Wet Velvet

Happy Monday.... I guess....I think... AH WELL. LOOKIT SOME POLISH!

Now that I have your attention, I have a very special polish to share today. This bad boy has been sitting in my Helmer for over a year now, and I had yet to even swatch it. It happens sometimes, you forget you have a gem and you fall in love all over again! It's the never ending excitement being a nail polish addict. 

Now we all know (or you do now I suppose) that green is my favorite color for nail polish. Hands down. Make it a rare China Glaze vintage green polish? PERFECTION. Wet Velvet is one of those blackened green shimmer polishes that has such a depth to it that it leaves you almost mesmerized. Or at least me anyway. I love it. I love everything about it. I'm actually wearing it as a full mani right now and as of over a day of wear, not even one little chip. Color me impressed. The formula left more to be desired, but most vintage polishes like this do - they're just very thin. Being as this as it is, it wasn't difficult to work with. This is three coats. SO LOVELY! 

I hope your Mondays treat you well!
<3 Dana

Friday, June 6, 2014

Peak Into My Helmers: Vintage Halloween Sally Hansens!

Hello again and Happy Friday!

Today I've decided it's Halloween in June! Why? WHY NOT?! My Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Halloween polishes are some of my most prized possessions in my polish collection. I wish they were still easy to find! Each and every one came from Ebay about two years back. I still need the elusive Vampira amoung others! ONE DAY. ONE DAY! These ten I have to share from you come from three different collections coming out in three years: 2000 Halloween Hard As Nails Collection and their 1999 Spooktacular Halloween Collection and their 1998 Halloween Collection. HERE WE GO!

Black Cat (1998 Halloween Collection)
Slime (2000 Halloween Hard As Nails)
Yellow Fever (1999 Spooktacular Halloween Collection)
Witches Brew (2000 Halloween Hard As Nails)
Skeleton (2000 Halloween Hard As Nails)

Spooktacular (1999 Spooktacular Halloween Collection)
Trick Or Treat (2000 Halloween Hard As Nails)
Wicked (1998 Halloween Collection)
Ghost (1998 Halloween Collection)
Jack O Lantern (2000 Halloween Hard As Nails)

I hope you have fun drooling over all of these! ;)
<3 Dana

Thursday, June 5, 2014

May hauls!

Allo there!

Today I have my May polish hauls to share! Of course I didn't buy nearly as much as I did in April, but I still think I got some really, really great stuff! I have some fun peeks into my Helmers coming up this week, I cut my finger pretty bad on my swatching hand it's still healing - so I thought it was a great opportunity for that. Here we go! 

Of course I had to snag all three of the Revlon Amazing Spiderman 2 polishes, I mean come on, they're duochromes! and the spider web caps?!

Spidy Sense, Super-Powered, 1000 Volts

Revlon Colorstay Jungle
Revlon Brilliant Strength Fascinate
Gold Goddess from the LE Rio Rush collecion (FLAKIES!)

Rimmel Salon Pro nail polishes (my new obsession):
Hip Hop, Simply Sizzling, Punk Rock

Maybelline Color Show Street Art in Nighttime Noise

I rescently did a beauty/polish swap with a lovely Instagram pal Alma and she sent me some AMAZING polish! 

Pixel Oh Parden Me!
OPI Liquid Sand It's Frosty Outside
L'Oreal Steel Color Divinity (HOLO GLITTAH!)
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Star Opal
Revlon Super Top Speed Pounce

Nails Inc Disco Lane
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Indi-Glow
Sally Hansen New Lengths Cobblestone Creme
Sally Hansen New Lengths Silver Slingblade

ANNNNND last but not least, but two newest additions to me Revlon Street Wear collection! I won both biddings on eBat and I could be happier!

Twinkle Twinkle 
Diamond Girl

Well, there ya have it! Have a great Thursday!
<3 Dana