Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Old and New - L'Oreal Jet Set Boogie & Zoya Ivanka

Hey girls!

It's time yet again for an Old and New post, and I've got some great polishes to share today. I have another polish to share from my blog sale order from Kaz, and today it's a L'Oreal Jet Set polish, Boogie. (BTW - being a HUGE Nightmare Before Christmas fan, the name alone makes me smile!) Boogie is a great black polish with silver shimmer that leans to a slight green/purple shimmer. It doesn't translate to the nail as strong as it does in the bottle, but still awesome! Two smooth coats.

For my New polish I have a Zoya that came out in their Summer 2011 collection that has seen sitting in my Helmer this whole time! It's a great vibrant green glass-flecked green polish with an added twist! In the bottle is has an oil-slick duochrome that comes out! (See bottle shot after swatches) So cool! This is two coats.

Do you have any polishes with an added punch in the bottle? :)


  1. Wow, Boogie is awesomesauce!! Love the hidden shimmer in there, so pretty!

  2. Black and Green - you sure know how to get my attention! Gorgeous as usual!