Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old and New - Revlon Street Wear's Silver Lining & Hard Candy's Sky

Why hello there!

Today I'm trying to get back on track with my Old and New posts- especially because I've gotten my mitts on some amazing new vintage polishes! My stash keeps growin and growin! Today I thought I'd go with one of my new(er) bought Street Wears to start off this post. I remember silver polishes being among my favorites back in the day! All the cool kids were wearing them ,right? :P

Oh, old formula metallics. You're glow-y and bright in pigment but streaky and awkward with the brush strokes. Grrrrrr! Silver Lining is a love/hate polish for me. I appreciate the polish for what it is, but there was no getting around the brush strokes. Ah well, it's a Street Wear so I'm still in love! This was two coats.  

Metallic goodness!

Next up I have a polish from the newer Hard Candy line at Walmart. I honestly don't own many from the new line, only because I'm such a huge vintage Hard Candy fan. Sky has been a vintage Hard Candy polish I've been lemming after forever and I just can't seem to get it with a reasonable price tag. SO, next best thing is a new version! Sky is a gorgeous polish. Sky blue and loaded with baby blue shimmer. I am in love! I think it's going to be a great pedicure color as well! The formula was streaky and patchy, so I needed three coats to even it out. Totally worth it!


Have a great week! -Dana

Monday, January 30, 2012

Nicole by OPI - Kim-Pletely In Love

Hey dolls! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I was off work and did nothing but relax! I was well needed and much deserved! I know I'm late posting polishes from Nicole By OPI's Kardashian collection, but we just now got them at my work - CVS - so I was finally able to buy them with my employee discount! *jumps up and down* I know I'm not much of a pink person, but one of the colors I wanted the most was Kim-Pletely In Love. What can I say? The shimmer was calling to me! :)

This romantic polish starts off with a sheer light pink polish, it has a wonderful milky finish to it. Next up, there's an AMAZING hidden shimmer within, what I would say is a iridescent blue/white shimmer. It's really hard to say, when I was wearing this the shimmer flashed different colors in different light. This is three coats. 

Romantic shimmer!

Have a great Monday! <3Dana

Sunday, January 29, 2012

China Glaze - L8R G8R

I'm baaaaaaack!!!!

Sorry for being MIA lately - I've had a lot going on personally AND my nails just won't stop breaking!!! I was going to try and and let them grow back out, but then I had a thought. I'm just going to throw caution to the wind and swatch my little broken nubbins. They're not too awful. Sometimes we can be our own worst critics. Today I have the first of four polishes I found from the OMG collection while out on a dusty for four bucks a pop. I always wanted L8R G8R the most due to my green polish obsession. I couldn't be happier! Here it is! *happy dance*

Eeekkk! Amazing, I know! With so many linear holos out there these days the OMG collection has taken a lil back seat, but I still lem after about half of the collection. There are so many linears out there that I drool all over for, but the price tags seem just too steep for me. L8R G8R is so awesome! A lime light lime green holo? SOLD! The fiance saw it and said "woa!" so I know it's that great! :D I'm in love! This is three coats with no base coat. 

Awwwww yeaaaa!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Essence - The Twilight Saga Eclipse Collection - Ready To Be Bitten

Hi girls!

Something awful has happened. My nails were at a PERFECT length for me. Long enough to swatch, short enough to type at work. THEN the most horrible thing happened. My hand slipped while opening my car door and I broke the nail on my middle finger. Since I just CAN'T being myself to nub them all down, I'm just going to grow that sucker back out and leave the rest be. So, for the next while I'm going to be showcasing pretty neutral colors as to not bring attention to it's sudden shortness. Here is Ready To Be Bitten from Essence's Eclipse collection. 

As a huge Essence fan AND Twilight fan, I made it a goal to get my claws on this whole collection. So far, I only have this one that I got from a blog sale. LOL, I'm still on the hunt! These things take time... Anyhoo, Ready To Be Bitten is as pretty as neutral polishes come. It starts off with a milky off-white sheer base and is packed with gold and a hunt of light pink shimmer. It really has a great glow to it! This is three coats. I'm thinking this bad boy would be great for layering. *starts pondering*


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vintage Hardy Candy - Girlie

Hey there!

I hope you all are having a wonderful beginning to the week, I had yesterday off so today is pretty much my Monday. Today I have yet another vintage Hard Candy to share today - this one from my pal Jacqui's blog sale. Her and I share the passion for all things old and discontinued, so I was very excited she had an extra! My collection just keeps growing - it's so exciting! Here is Girlie! 

Girlie is a funny name to me - you'd think it would be a bubblegum pink or something of that nature. Leave it to Hard Candy to make a polish with that kind of name a light green foil! I'm a huge foil fan and green is my favorite polish, so this was a win-win with me. I love the green ring as well! :) This is two coats. It really is stunning!

Foil polish goodness!
Do any of you have any vintage Hard Candy polishes? <3Dana

Monday, January 23, 2012

Finger Paints Special Effects flakies - Flashy

Happy Monday! Well, at least for me. :) I'm off today! 

Today I have my very last Finger Paints flaky to show you - Flashy! I know I'm a little late and separating this post from the pack, but as I have said before - so many amazing polishes, I sometimes get distracted. :P Flashy is the one flaky I almost would have passed on because of it's multiple dupes. (SH Hidden Treasure, Nubar 2010 to name a few) But, alas, I'm a sucker for these colors and I love it just as much as all my others.

Flashy started with the main color orange and flashes both yellow and green. To me it resembles a fire the way to glows. I love these Finger Paints flakies so much - I wish I had backups for them all. This is two coats over a black creme. (I cannot for the life of me remember which one though!)

I <3 flakies
Have a wonderful week! -Dana

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hare polish - Pegasus

It's Sunday! 

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. Woke up insanely late for work and was too lazy to type it up the night before - it was Jeff's birthday. Ended up playing Wii bowling instead. :P Anyhoo - today I have a polish from a highly lemmed after collection for me - Hare polish! I swear - every time I ever see them I surge with a rage of jealousy, because I ALWAYS miss out and they're all gone by the time I get to the Etsy shop. This, ladies, is why I love blog sales so much. Although I want - scratch that, need - every Hare polish, I can start with one for now. Here is Pegasus!

Pegasus is right up my alley! Then again, so are all the other Hare polishes from what I've seen! It starts off with a milky "Easter" lavender base. I tend to RARELY gravitate to pastels - so what I do - all I can think is "Easter". Next? One of my favorite things in the world to add to faint micro glitter - TWO DIFFERENT SIZES OF HEX GLITTER! I swear. I makes any polish amazing. Ahh! Looking at these swatches I am giddy about it all over again! I must note though - this polish can be tricky to apply. The formula was a little thick and I had to let it really dry in between coats as to not move the hex glitter. Two coats. Love.

Have a great day! <3Dana

Friday, January 20, 2012

China Glaze Tronica Collection - Gamer Glam

Everyone say happy birthday to Jeff! :) It's the fiance's birthday today. Since he is so very supportive of my passion and blogging - let's all wish him a wonderful day!

These swatches are very special to me. BECAUSE THEY CAME OUT FRIGGIN AMAZING!!! I took these swatches while I was home on vacation in Ohio. I used my dad's new lamp and WOWZA! I couldn't believe how amazing they turned out. *swells with pride* Too bad he wouldn't let me take his lamp with me. :P Here is Gamer Glam from China Glaze's Tronica collection. 

I need to buy this exact lamp here in Virginia. JEALOUS. Anyhoo, I have always had my eye on the Tronica collection. It came out right before my polish passion really kicked in so I thought I'd missed out other than the occasional reasonable price on eBay. My NB pal Jacqui (yes, I mention her A LOT, I know! :p) Had the most successful dusty and polish shopping day EVER. (I'm talking What's Dune?, Blue Moon Lagoon, 2NITE, TTYL, IDK, & L8R G8R just to name a few!) We popped into a CosmoProf as well and low and behold, they had four polishes from the Tronica collection. For the prices there, I snatched them right up. They're weak(er) scattered holos, but they are beautiful all the same. I do really love the rich pigmented colors in this collection and Gamer Glam is no exception. This is two coats.

TGIF! <3 Dana

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vintage Hard Candy - Peep Show

Hey there, polish lovers!

As if you couldn't tell, Dana <3's vintage polish. . I mean I fall head over heels for them. It's become an amazing addiction. :P Lately I've been really into stalking eBay for vintage Urban Debays, Street Wears, & Hard Candy polishes. Through the evolution of Hard Candy, they went from the "skinny" rectangular bottles, first with white plastic lids, then with silver lids. Then they changed the shape entirely - a longer, flattened square shape. This baby I have to show you is Peep Show, my very first square Hand Candy!

As you all might have noticed, I am not a huge pink polish person. At times, I love pink. At times. It really has to tinkle my fancy in the right way. (hehe :p) These types of pinks - the IN YOUR FACE bright pinks with glowing, shimmery undertones? I die for them, ladies! I love the bottle shape, I love the rhinestone in the middle of the jelly ring, and I really did enjoy the formula. I wish I had swatched in daylight - the pink goes crazy with color! This is two coats.  

Ah yea, that's right!

See ya tomorrow! -Dana