Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vintage Hard Candy - Pussy Cat

Happy Saturday once again!

Guess what I'm doing today?!?! Two friends of mine are taking me to try on WEDDING DRESSES!!!! AAGGHH! *does the typical silly girly dance. sorry. had to.* I've been engaged for almost a year now, and we finally set the date! October 26, 2013!!!! Eeeeek!!!My friends thought it was time for me to start planning and getting exited and I couldn't agree more. I wanted to choose girly swatches in honor of my girly day out, so I chose Hard Candy Pussy Cat!

Pussy Cat was gifted to me by Jacqui, we share vintage Hard Candy love. (Her HC stash is like Area 51. I almost have no words for how awesome it is.) Bubble gum pink frosty metallic polish is so fun and really takes me back. Is it silly this reminds me of Clueless? Any else? Just me? :) This is two coats.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Aussie Brands!

It's that time again ladies! Time to check out some more Aussie awesomeness! 

The lovely Lauren sent me these two beauties with my beloved Chanel Peridot out of the goodness of her big ol' heart. I LOVE all the Aussie brands I've discovered from her, she opened a whole new polish world to me! I have fallen head over heels for Faces of Australia's Barbados collection. This is You Blue Me Away. This is the definition of a PERFECT summer metallic polish. It has such a fresh, light feel to it! I cannot rave enough about the quality of Faces of Australia - it's that amazing. Butter smooth and their brushes are perfect. This is two coats of light blue metallic goodness.

Next up I have a FUN Ulta3 polish, Jelly. Lauren knows me all too well, green? CHECK! Jelly? CHECK! A Dana polish to a T! Jelly is a fresh and fun medium green jelly polish. This is three thin coats. Yum!

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Revlon - Psychedelic

Oh, hi! Fancy meeting you here!

Who wants to see an awesome Revlon glitter? YOU DOOO? O_O Good, I've gotcha covered! This bad boy was CP'd to me by the always mentioned, always amazing Kaz. These old Revlons are the bar glitter StreetWear polishes, same name and number, just in the original Revlon bottle! FREAKING AWESOME, DUDE!!! I mean SERIOUSLY?! This vintage polish collectors DREAM! *hugs bottles to my chest* First up I have Psychedelic to share, a clear-based polish with tiny pink glitter and holo bar glitter. MAN. This is two coats over Chanel Rouge Noir topped with Gelous.

Yep. Soak that in.
What do ya think?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Canadian Exclusives - Sally Hansen Diamonds Strengths - Allspice & Plum Royale


As a rare polish collector, if you throw "Exclusive" in front of any polish line or name, I want it a million times more. Can't help it, just makes it impossible to pass up. These two Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes are Canadian exclusives from Kaz's blog sale. SWEEEET! I am a huge Sally Hansen fan and both of these colors are right up me alley. 

First up I have Allspice. I ended up loving this polish a million times more than I though I would. I knew it was a pretty but when I saw it in person, WOW. Allspice is a rich and creamy bronze metallic polish that has such a luxurious feel to it. I didn't want to take it off to keep swatching! Two coats.

Next up I have Plum Royale, a fantastic purple shimmer polish with pink undertones. I'm a sucker for purples of this nature, and this is no exception. Oh, Sally, WHY didn't this line come to the US?! I NEEEEED the rest! :D Two coats.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

China Glaze - Lavender Lynx

Hey now!

Today I have one complex, stunning vintage China Glaze to share - Lavender Lynx. I picked this beauty while out and about on Jacqui and my dusty hunting trip while I was back in Ohio. There was one salon she had remembered that had baskets of old China Glazes for three bucks. I had always wanted Lavender Lynx so finding it a dusty basket was SUCH a steal! As I said before, Lavender Lynx is COMPLEX as hell! Dusty purple that shifts color tones of purple, it takes on slight tones of golden and green in certain light. Alas, this polish eluded my camera & I could not able to capture the green, only the gold in a bottle shot. Every time I look at this polish, it looks different to me. AWESOME. This is two coats.

Isn't this polish great?!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Old and New - Revlon StreetWear Blood & Wet N Wild It's Not You, It's Me

Hey dolls!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I worked, went to a cookout, and watched hours and hour of American Pickers (my guilty pleasure). All in all, a nice summer's weekend. Today I have an Old and New post to share, and the old polish for today is my most recent Revlon StreetWear polish - Blood from the amazing Jacqui. I'm a vampy polish fiend, and make it a blood red polish with shimmer?! SOLD. Blood is so dang sexy. Rawr! :D Two coats.

Next up I have a polish from a new Wet N Wild display I found at my work (CVS). I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW. Crackle is dead. Here's the thing though - I think it's been long enough that I've found myself falling in love with it again. I had always wanted OPI Red Shatter, so when I came across It's Not You, It's Me, I was giddy to get a red shatter for $2.99. I love the way it shattered as well, I might need to grab a few more! This is one coat over Chanel Peridot. Make fun all you want, shatter is cool to me again. 

Hope your Monday goes well! <3

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Orly a la mode - Enchante

Good morning, loves!

So I finally got my MASSIVE blog sale order from Kaz. It was like freakin' Christmas morning, man! I almost forgot everything I had ordered so it was really exciting. You just wait, you'll be seeing them pop up in the next few weeks! :) First up to share from my haul is one of the polishes I was the most excited to get - Orly a la mode's Enchante. I first saw this polish on Day Seven of Kaz's 50 polishes posts a few months back. I was in LOVE! I've NEVER seen anything about this old Orly brand so when she threw it in her blog sale, I squealed with delight. If ever see any more a la mode polishes on eBay, WATCH OUT! 

Enchante is a dirty olive green shimmer polish that has stolen my polish lovin' heart. I love these kinds of greens, no matter how many I have, new ones are always welcome in my stash! This is three thins coats. 

Have a great rest of your weekend! <3

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hard Candy: A tale of two Frigids


Today I have a post that has been only an idea until now! Hard Candy re-released their old polish names in 2008, all but completely changing everything but the polish name. The only double that I have in Frigid, and the only thing they have in common is that they're both blue LOL! :) 

Let's check out the original version first! Oh, this bad boy is dated indeed! Anyone else remember when metallic frosts dominated the polish scene in the 90's and early 00's? This would be a prefect example of that. I love the actual color of this polish, but MAN the brushstrokes are kinda killin' me! I love the way this polish glows, though. I'm torn with this one, ladies. Two coats.

Now for the later released 2008 version, which I LOVE! A pale, sheer blue polish LOADED with iridescent micro glitter. WOW. ZA! This is three layers although I can't wait to bust out the layering possibilities. Endless! I really love polishes that glow this way. Just beautiful.  

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Chanel - Peridot


First off, I have nubbins and I freaking LOVE THEM! I think they might be here to stay for a while! Second of all, I am officially addicted to Chanel polish. Something about their polish is so luxurious feeling. Don't get me wrong, some of my favorite polishes cost 99 cents or less, but I've been accumulating more Chanels lately and their colors just make me so warm and fuzzy inside. I had been lemming Peridot for a year now and up until now could never fork over the cash. Thank goodness for my great Aussie friend Lauren we hooked me up with this gem for only fifteen bucks! No joke, I am wearing Peridot now and I never want to take it off. Ever. One of my top polishes. TRUE LOVE. I'm a duochrome nut, and the way this shimmery metallic shifts from gold hues to greens just makes me stare and stare. This is two coats.

 I know what you're all thinking - there's so many dupes out there including OPI! Alas, I am officially a true collector, and nothing tickles my fancy like the original. Orly Fowl Play? Sorry, I just found OPI Merry Midnight. In the blog sale ya go! Speaking of blog sale, I'm moving in September and am revamping my previous blog sale and adding four times the amount I had before. MOAR monies for more CHANELS! :D

Have an amazing Friday!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hard Candy - Chronic

Happy Thursday!

Today I have a lovely vintage Hard Candy decant from the lovely Jacqui (yes, you will see many, many more polishes from her in the weeks to come!) to share, Chronic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hard Candy polishes, and make it green - I get super excited! Chronic is a medium shimmery green polish with doesn't have a frosty look in the bottle, yet it shows up on the nail. Maybe due to the small decant bottle brush? The brushstrokes were impossible to avoid but I still love this green. I hope one day I get my hand on the full-size to see how it turns out! Two coats. 

See ya tomorrow!