Saturday, March 31, 2012

Vintage Hard Candy - Pulp

Happy Saturday! 

Sometimes I feel that I could just go shopping in my stash. I always seem to forget what beauties lie in my Helmer and tubs and it's fun to find them all over again! We all know that happens...." Oh yea!!!! I bought that?!?" LOL Instant excitement and gratification! Back over the holidays I believe, the lovely Jacqui included this decant of Pulp. I drooled and tucked it neatly away in one of my vintage drawers. Fast forward to March, I find this amazing duochrome and fall head over heels all over again. I am a fiend for duochromes and Pulp is officially at the tippy-top of my list.  Added to wish list? FULL SIZED BOTTLE, BABY! :D

Pulp looks like a watery formula in the bottle, but surprisingly it's not. This is two coats and it's prefect which I think is rare for older duochromes. This vintage Hard Candy flashes from a pink/rose gold to a golden yellow color. I just STARED at my nails as I was taking pictures. I take it back I don't need one full sized bottles - I'll take three LOL!


Have a great weekend! 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Layering Fun - A England Elaine & Nail Fetish Pixie Dust


I hope you all had a great week - work has been nuts. Sheesh! :/ To brighten things up, today I have an amazing purple polish to share - A England's Elaine from the Mysticals collection. I've had this deep, smoky purple lovely in my stash for a while now, back when Adina was having one of her sales. I normally am not a fan of cremes by themselves, but this polish completely stands on it's own SO WELL! The formula with Elaine, as well as all of Adina's creations are - as you all know - completely perfection. Seriously - perfection. There's no other way I can think to describe it! :P This is easily a one-coater. As I can never seem to stop there, this is two. I tried to capture it in different lighting for you. :)

And of course - seeing as I can never leave well enough and alone and have an issue with glitter - I layered one coat of Nail Fetish's Pixie Dust. I came across a slew of Dollar Tree's with Nail Fetish's a few months past and stocked up and every single one I could! One of the first I picked up was Pixie Dust. I've tried to research more on these polishes, but one can imagine what Google pulls up for "Nail Fetish". I had no such luck, other than I believe they're from around the same time as Street Wears. Sure, it's clear base has turned a murky grey, but when layered over a dark beauty like Elaine one can hardly tell! Plus, when there's multi-sized holo glitter involved - WHO CARES?! :D 

Vintage glitter. Gets me every time.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

KBShimmer - Party Nail Polish

Happy almost Friday! 

Today I have an amazing Etsy find to share! Look - I could spend my entire paycheck on Etsy. Five paychecks, actually. It's a weakness in the the biggest way for me! So, I really limit myself to the frankens I buy. I only buy the ones that I without a doubt can't live without! When I came across Party Nail Polish from KBShimmer, I didn't hesitate to click "buy". I am so amazed and happy with my purchase that I'm already planning my next order from the shop! They all look amazing and the soaps sold as well look delicious! Prepare to drool!

Just fantastic, riiiiiight?!?! Party Nail Polish starts off with a milky white - almost a pale lavender base. Very smooth base formula and easy to work with. Next comes all the fun! It's a crazy birthday party on my nail! Fine green/blue/pink glitter, various size and color SQUARE *squee!* glitter, holo silver DIAMOND *eek!* glitter, and various sizes and colors of hex glitter. It's a rockin' celebration indeed! You would think from the look at it, it would be hard to tame to a smooth finish to touch - but I was a lucky girl with this one! One thick(ish) coat of Seche Vite and it was smooth as can be. This is two coats. Did I mention I adore this polish? :P

Have an awesome Thursday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Layering Fun - China Glaze Luxe and Lush & Maybelline Ultimate Wear Creamy Cocoa

Hey girls!

As I continue on my love for China Glaze's Hunger Games collection, I decided to take the plunge while at Ulta and buy Luxe and Lush. I normally am not a fan of these kind of flakies at all, but the bottle just looked so pretty sitting there on the almost bare display - I couldn't help myself. I must say - as beautiful as it may be, the flakies were a pain in my butt to get to lay flat and situate. Alas, the end result was worth it indeed. Luxe and Lush represents the Capitol in the collection and I think it does a fine job indeed! I layered two coats over Maybelline Ultimate Wear's Cocoa Cream. I wanted to lend an earthy feel to this polish to go along with the rest of the collection. Enjoy!

Underneath the flakies I used Cocoa Cream. I really wanted to use an earthy color underneath and I was glad to finally use it in a mani! (It had been sitting untried for a long time now!) Cocoa Cream's name describes it oh so well! A smooth, chocolaty cream indeed! Great formula - two coats.

Have a fantastic day! -Dana

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Layering Fun - Deborah Lippmann Billionaire & L.A. Girl Glitter Addict Synergy

Hey there!

I'm having such a blast doing these Layering Fun posts - it gives me a wonderful excuse to use my glitters that take up the majority of my stash! LOL I have such a glitter problem. :P To start off my layering today I have Deborah Lippmann's Billionaire from her Fall 2011 collection. I've been eyeing this deep green polish since it was released. Thanks to the lovely Rie over at Nails and Noms, I was able to get my hands on it! Thanks again, girl! I love it as much as I knew I would - my beloved green polish at it's finest! The hidden surprise - it's a jelly/creme hybrid. LOVE IT!!! This is two coats. *side note - I wore this mani for three days and only one teeny tiny chip!*

I knew I wanted to pair Billionaire with a gold glitter, and when I came across my L.A. Girls Glitter Addicts Synergy and knew it would be perfect! And you guessed it - it is! :) Synergy is a mix of fine and hex gold glitter, some pieces have a rainbow holographic effect. I loved this look so much that I stopped swatching and did a full mani and wore it for three days! (That's forever in nail blogger days! LOL!) This is one coat.

Kick @$$, right???
Have a fun week! <3

Monday, March 26, 2012

Layering Fun - China Glaze Dress Me Up & Naturistics Icicle

 It's Monday?!? What happened?! LOL

I can't believe this weekend is over!!! I bought a new car, (Jeep Compass) saw The Hunger Games, and did some amazing thrifting! All in all, I'm sad it's over! Today I have yet another polish from China Glaze's Hunger Games collection - this time it's Dress Me Up. I know from reading other blogs that not everyone has been crazy for this polish, but I LOVE IT! Isn't it odd how sometimes you're drawn to polishes that surprise you? I couldn't resist it's warm mauve tone to the polish and I'm so glad I bought it! This color lands on the best side of the color spectrum, steering clear of being a grandma color. I love it with my skin-tone and the creme formula was just fabulous! This is two smooth coats.

How do you make is even more beautiful?!? THAT'S RIGHT! ADD VINTAGE GLITTER! Today I added two coats of Naturistics Icicle, a lovely clear-based glitter with micro-fine silver glitter. It really lends an delicate, romantic feel to Dress Me Up. I love Naturistics glitters. A LOT. :D

Have a great week! -Dana

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Retro Sunday Squared with Scholarly Nail - Maybelline Glitters

                       Happy Sunday!

Today I have something really special to share with you - the first addition of Retro Sunday Squared with Jacqui over at The Scholarly Nail! Since she and I share the undying obsession with vintage polish, we wanted to put something special together every Sunday to share our love with all of you. Today is vintage Maybelline Glitters Day! Enjoy!

First up I have Express Finish glitter in Twinkle Pink, a lucky blog sale find! I have a lemming for the whole collection of Express Finish glitters and this is my lone one so far! :P Twinkle Pink is a very dense clear-based polish with medium and light pink fine glitter. I loved the application! This is two smooth, lovely, quick drying coats. Man I need more. LOVE!


Next up I have Express Finish Icy Pink layered over Wet N Wild's Think Pink! As both glitters in my post are Express Finish, they are from seperate times/collections and have a different bottle shape/size and labeling. Agh I wish I knew more! The bottle for Icy Pink is smaller, at 12ml when Twinkle Pink is 14.7ml. Curious. Anyhoo, Icy Pink was an aggravating color to pair a base polish with. I swatched several possibilities on a nail wheel. Black looked nice, but far too predictable. I ended up choosing a vibrant pink creme to compliment Icy Pink's pale iridescent glitter and soft pink clear base. I really love the result! This is one coat over Wet N Wild's Think Pink! 

I truly love the softness of the glitter!
Here is a quick peek at Think Pink! As old and this Wet N Wild is, the formula was still fabulous!

See ya next week! ;) D

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Old and Old - Creative Aqua Jet & Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Funky Frost

Happy Saturday, gals! 

With the exception of my vintage glitters used in layering posts, I've had a craving for some good old vintage polishes. So today instead of a New and Old post, I'm going for an Old and Old post. Last month, Kaz did a 50 polishes in 10 days series - and let's just say she blew my mind and left me with even more lemmings from her if that were possible... :P On day five she posted Creative's Aqua Jet. The first thing I did was pick my jaw up off the floor. The second was to run (or click) to eBay and purchase this lovely right away! Aqua Jet is as amazing as she describes it, and like she said I love how the shimmer matches the polish color to perfection! This was five coats, yes - five, but the build-up for this sheer polish was more than worth it. 

Next up I have another old school Sally Hansen Hard As Nails polish - Funky Frost. I love turquoise polish so much - and this one has a very special place in my heart. The polish and shimmer are just perfection and I got so many compliments while wearing it. The formula was great to work with like most of Sally's creations that I have, and if I remember correctly this is three coats. LOVE!

Have a great day! -Dana